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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Ayatollah Mojtahedi Tehrani

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From the 8th Imam (as) from his grandfather the Prophet (s): 


6 acts are from Chivalry: 3 acts whilst travelling and 3 for other times.


Muslims must have one programme for travelling and another for other times.
Don't get into conflicts, eat what others eat and be easy going. After the journey don't speak negatively of your travelling companions.


Now lets look at the 6 chivalrous acts:


3 for when not travelling:


1. Reading Qur'an - Our Sunni brothers read a good amount of Qur'an, we don't read Qur'an as much as we should do, especially if you are a Talaba.
A Qur'an that is left closed and not read will complain on the day of judgement.


2. Go to Mosques - We must attend Mosques and Congregational prayers, but do the recommended acts and prayers at home, don't be like the Jews who only prayed in the presence of others whilst outside but never prayed at home.
A Masjid which is not attended by its local residents will complain on the day of judgement.
During Reza Shah's era a lot of Masjids were destroyed because they had no prayers in them.
There are many Mosques in which there is a scholar but not a single person goes to see them and learn from them and ask their questions.

Those who don't go to Mosques are the ones who destroy mosques, not physically with a hammer but their absence is what destroys the mosque.


3. Make friends with those who's sight reminds you of Allah for the sake of pleasing Allah - Make close friends whom become your companions, with whom you debate, attend Mosques and gatherings, approach Scholars with and bring happiness to each other. Friends who help you reach a better level in the next world.

Show good ethics and provide a pleasant and enjoyable company to those around you, especially your wife and children. A woman with a husband who has bad Akhlaq is a stranger and foreigner in her own home and the same for men, then good for the couple in which both the man and woman have good Akhlaq, they live a long life together, those couples who are friends with each other.

Don't be serious all the time, laugh with your family and friends. Help your wife at home and don't ask her to work at home, she isn't obligated to and the man has no right to ask her, God bless the Fathers of those women who work for their husbands out of love. They did not marry for being your domestic workers.

If you don't find a friend for Allah then it is better to be alone than to be with bad people.


3 for whilst travelling:


1. Share what you have with your fellow travellers - If you have food, genuinely offer them, give them what you have, share with them. Don't do things alone.
E.g. in a train, don't start reciting Qur'an or making Dua etc, its not the time and place for that, share things, eat together.


2. Husn-ul-Khoolq = Good natured, show good character, be happy, be kind, makes jokes etc.


3. Make some jokes and try to make others laugh whilst travelling - The prophet and some companions were eating dates and then the Prophet pushed his seeds from the dates in front of Ali and said "O Ali you have eaten a lot of dates" Imam Ali replied "The one who has eaten more dates is the one who has swallowed it with its seed".


Makes jokes but make only jokes which are not against Sharia, even the Marja make jokes, they don't always act seriously, even Marjas make jokes.

Note* translation is not 100% correct, my best effort to make his speech's message available in English.


Signs of the end times:
1. People's belly becomes their God.
2. Women become their Qiblah 
3. Money becomes their religion
4. Respect comes from only wealth
5. The only thing left from Islam is its name
6. Nothing is learnt from the Qur'an except recitation and memorisation, its teachings will not be practised.
7. Masjids become beautiful (made of Marble etc) but empty of spirituality
8. Hearts are not guided
9. Ulema (scholars) become the worst of people
10. In this time people will face 4 points: 
- People will suffer from the smell of Tyrants
- There will be drought in the world
- Ghulat will oppress
- ?

The Sahaba asked: Will there be a time when they worship idols?
The Prophet replied: Every Dirhim (money, coin) will be an Idol for them.

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