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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Want To Go To Hajj, Know Nothing...

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Salam alaykom dear brothers and sisters. 

Insha'Allah I'm going to Hajj this year. I dont know anything about it. I need som advice and maybe a to-do-list before going, Insha'Allah.


I even have another question about hajj. I want to take my grandmother to Hajj but, she might not be able to go because of her passport. Can I do tawaf and everyting for her or can you only do that for people who has passed away?


Thank you and Ramadhan Mubarak to you all!



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Salam Alaykum

The blow mentioned rules all are concerning Hajatu-Islam (obligatory hajj):

If she is unable to travel there (due to ill health or old age), then another agent who is not doing obligatory hajj (besides there are some other conditions for the agent) can take over her hajj and intend on her behalf . Then he has to do hajj rituals on behalf of her.

But if she is able (even if it is a little difficult for her) and the only problem is to lack Passport or visa she has to wait until next year and then go there. 


But, others are permitted to take over a recommended hajj, Umrah and Tawaff.


And for passed away people others can take over their hajj, no matter it is obligatory or Mustahabb. (the criterian for obligatory hajj is to gain wealth and other required conditions before a person perishes.)

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Imam Sadeq (as) in a hadith reported in Mesbah AL-Shari'ah indicated some guidelines for those willing to go to Hajj: (Here is a selection out of that almost long Hadith)


وَاسْتَعِدْ إسْتِعْدادَ مَنْ لا يَرْجُو الرُّجُوعَ وَأحْسِنِ الصُّحْبَةَ وَراعِ أوْقاتِ فَرائِضِ اللّهِ وَسُنَنِ نَبِيّهِ (صلّي الله عليه وآله) وَما يَجِبُ عَلَيْكَ مِنَ الأدَبِ وَالإحْتِمالِ وَالصَّبْرِ وَالشُّكْرِ وَالشَّفَقَةِ وَالسَّخاءِ وَايثارِ الزّادِ عَلي دَوامِ الأوْقاتِ

Get preparted ( and collect your staff) as if you don't hope to return.

And treat the accompanied people well.

be careful about the time of your obligation (God's requested acts) and also be careful about (and guard) prophetic tradition known as Sunnah.

Also be careful to impose your moral duties such as politeness, tolerance, gratitude, compassion, generosity and the ever dedication (of food and stuff to others who accompany you in this journey.)


The original hadith is about a page or two but I just brought up a selected sentence out of that long one.

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