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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

My Hezbollah Nasheeds

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I thought that we should share our "Hezbollah" specific nasheeds here and so I have uploaded my list of nasheeds which I often listen to awake myself. Lets see, here's the list, it includes farsi, urdu nasheeds and nasheeds related to Imam-e-Zamana a.s.


1. Hezbollah Nasheeds

  • Allah o Akbar (Resistance)
  • America in Fear
  • Arzak Ya Lebanon
  • Ghaleb (dedicated to Ghaleb 'The martyred')
  • Illal Majdi Ayya Shabab
  • Hussain is our leader
  • Jamarat ur Raad (My fav)
  • La La Lysa Hezbollah
  • Labbaik Ya Zainab s.a
  • Moqawema (Awesome!)
  • Nara Bismillah 
  • Something Arabic (Its hard to understand)
  • Nasrel Arab (Most popular)
  • Qadr Nasra
  • Taib Lubnana Alayana
  • Ya Wadalah Ya Nasrallah
  • Ya Zainab s.a!

2. Urdu Nasheeds

  • Shetan-e-Buzurg America l.a
  • Ahle Aqee ka Mehwar
  • Ay MAA mujhy
  • Behr-e-Ilmo-Agahi
  • Chal parho azadi-e-baitul muqaddas
  • Jo Karbala ka Aarif ha
  • Tm hussaini ho to apna sabak yaad karo
  • Khoon-e-Nahak k talabgaar

3. Imam-e-Zaman Nasheeds

  • Allah muje lashkare Mehdi a.s (Urdu)
  • Birth of Mahdi a.s (Iranian clapping)
  • Feel lonely
  • Inni Araaaaaaa :(
  • Kidaaraaa
  • Mahdi biya
  • Maste Janam
  • Mola Mahdi
  • Some song (hard to understand but is great!)


Uploaded at Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cgz311wcsad19tm/AAArFHmptCZR5zjPSOP2WsH3a?dl=0

Download all .zip: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8df808fudy8u8r7/Hezbollah.zip?dl=0

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There are simply too many good ones to remember all at once. I'll have to add others at a later time. So for now:




Rise O' Mother (قومي اماه)


Ya Nasrallah (يا نصرالله)


Istishhadi (إستشهادي)


Ala Had Lsaif (على حد السيف) 


Ala Ardi Biddam Nkatab (على ارضي بالدمم انكتب)


Nasrak Haz Eldini (نصرك هز الدني)


Jamarat Al Raad (جمرات الرعد)


You Should Know O' Occupier (لازم تعرف يا محتل)

(Technically not a hezb nasheed but still is about occupation of the janoub)


Ala Al Jibal (على الجبال)


Ya Aghla Nasr Nkatab (يا اغلى نصر انكتب)



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Best nasheeds are the 2006 ones

My fav is illi maktoob bi7br addam inkatab

Our written destiny we wrote it with our blood

This is a time of recount or something

اللي مكتوب بحبر الدم انكتب

صار وقت حساب مافي ملامة و عتب

Also the one about sayyid Hassan

Meen addak lama ttil

مين آدك لما تطل حامل سيفك و الراية

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