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In the Name of God بسم الله
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Hadith Narrated By Indian Man

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While going through al-Kafi today, I found a very interesting hadith about a man from the Kashmir in the time of Imam Mahdi, who became a companion. This may interest brothers/sisters from India and Pakistan.



(Please note that both Muhammad al-Amiri and Abu Sa'id Ghanim al-Hindi interchangeably narrate this hadith. Please try to keep track of who is saying what)


Usul al-Kafi, Kitab al-Hujjah, Chapter 125 (The Birth of the Possessor), Hadith #3:


Ali ibn Muhammad has narrated from more then one person of our people of Qumm from

Muhammad ibn Muhammad al-‘Amiri from Abu Sa‘id Ghanim al-Hindi who has said the


"I lived in interior Kashmir, India. My friends would sit on chairs on the right and left of the

King. They were forty people and all of them would read the four books, Torah, Gospel,

Psalms and the books of Abraham. We would judge among the people and provide them

understanding of their religion and issue fatwas for them in the lawful and unlawful matters.

All people would seek assistance from us including their King. Once we discussed about the

Messenger of Allah and said that this prophet who is mentioned in the books has remained

obscure to us. We must investigate about him and lead a fact finding task in his affairs. We

agreed that I should go out and lead the fact finding task. I then left out with large amount of

money and journeyed for twelve months until I reach near Kabul. Turkish bandits rubbed

wounded me seriously. They pushed me to Kabul where their King saved me when he learned

about me he sent me to Balkh which was under the control of Dawud ibn al-‘Abbass ibn abu

al-Aswad. Information about me had reached him that I have come out of India in search for

religion and that I have learned Persian and have debated the scholars of law and theology.

Dawud ibn al-‘Abbass sent for me and summoned me to his presence. He gathered the

scholars of law against me. They debated me. I then informed them that I have come to find

about the prophet about whom we have learned in the books" He asked, "Who is he and what

is his name?" I said, "His name is Muhammad." They said, "He is our prophet that you search

for." I asked them about his laws and they informed me about them. I said, "I know that

Muhammad is the prophet but I do not know the one you describe to me is he or not. You

should show where he is so I can go and find out whether the signs that I have about him is

found in him or not. If he would the one I am looking for I will accept his religion." They

said, "He has passed away." I asked them, "Who is the executor of his will and his

successor?" They said, "Abu Bakr is his successor." I asked them, "Tell me about his name. Is

this (Abu Bakr) his Kunya?" They said, "It is ‘Abdallah ibn ‘Uthman." They ascribed him to

Quraysh." I then asked them to tell me about the genealogy of Muhammad. They informed

me of his genealogy. I said this is not the person I am looking for. The one I am searching for

is the one whose successor is his brother in religion and his cousin genealogically, the

husband of his daughter and the father of his sons. This prophet will have no children on earth

except the sons of this man who is his successor." He has said that they attacked me and said,

"O commander, this man has come out polytheism and has entered disbelief. It is lawful to

spill his blood." I said to them, "O people I already have a religion and I strongly believe in it.

I do not want to give it up until I can find a religion stronger than this. I have found the

description of this man in the books that Allah has revealed to His prophets. I came out of my

country, India leaving behind all the honor and respect that I had only to find him. When

examined your prophet the way you described him to me I found out that his description as

you presented does not match the description of the prophet mentioned in the books. So leave

me alone." The agent sent for a man called al-Husayn ibn Eshkib and said to him, "Debate

this Indian man." He said, "May Allah grant you well being. There are the scholars of the law

and the other scholars. They know better how to debate him." He said to him, "Debate him as

I say, and you can meet privately and be kind to him." Al-Husayn ibn Eshkib said to me after

our consultations, "The prophet that you are looking for is the one these people have

described for you but their description of his successor is not the way they have described.

This prophet is Muhammad ibn‘Abdallah ibn ‘Abd al-Muttalib. His successor is Ali ibn abu

Talib (a.s.) ibn ‘Abd al-Muttalib. He is the husband of Fatema, daughter of Muhammad (s.a)

and the father of al-Hassan and al-Husayn, the grandsons of Muhammad (s.a)."

Ghanim abu Sa‘id has said, "I then said, "Allahu Akbar." (Allah is great). This is the one I

have been looking for." I then returned to Dawud ibn al-‘Abbass and said to him, "O

commander, I have found what I was searching for. I testify that there is no lord besides Allah

and I testify that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah." The narrator has said that he treated

and helped me with kindness and asked al-Husayn to look after me." The narrator has said

that thereafter I went to him until we were acquainted properly and he taught me

understanding of the law of the matters that I needed such as prayer, fasting and the

obligations." The narrator has said that I said to him, "We read in our books that Muhammad

(s.a) is the last of the prophets and there will be no other prophets after him. The task of

leadership after him will be with the executor of his will, his successors and heirs and

thereafter it will be with the executor of the will of the previous one and so on in their

descendants until the end of the world. Who is the executor of the will of the executor of the

will of Muhammad (s.a) ?" He said, "They are al-Hassan then al-Husayn the grandsons of

Muhammad (s.a)." He then continued speaking of the executors of the will of the Holy

Prophet (s.a) until the Sahib al-Zaman (the one who possesses Divine Authority today). Then

he explained to me what had happened (with the Imams). Thereafter I hand no other goal but

to search for the holy location. He (‘Amiri) has said that he came to us in Qumm. He sat with

our people in the year 264 AH. He then left with them and arrived in

Baghdad with his friend from al-Sind who had accompanied him in religion. ‘Amiri has said

that Ghanim said to me, "I disliked certain things about my companion and I departed him

and went out to al-‘Abbassia and prepared my self for prayer. I began the prayer but I was

anxious and thoughtful about my goal. At this time someone came to me and called me with

my Indian name. I replied, "Yes, it is I." He said, "Your master is calling you." I went with

him and he would walk from this to that street until he came to house and a garden and I saw

him (a.s.) sitting." He said, "Well come, O so and so, in Indian language. How are you? How

was so and so until he mentioned all the forty people. He then asked me about every and each

of them. Then he told all that had happened among us all in Indian language. Then he asked,

"Did you want to perform Hajj with people of Qumm?" I said, "Yes, my master." He then

said, "Do not go to Hajj with them this year. Go back and perform Hajj in future." He then

gave me a bag of money that was in front of him and said to me, "Spend it for your needs and

do not go to Baghdad to so and so." He mentioned his name and said, "Do not tell him


‘Amiri has said that he came to us at Qumm. He then informed us of the triumph and that our

people had returned from al-‘Aqaba. Ghanim went ‘Uthman Khurasan. Next year he went for

Hajj and sent us souvenirs from Khurasan. He lived there for sometimes and then he died.

May Allah grant him blessings."





From what I can ascertain, the man al-Hindi met at the end was in fact Imam Mahdi (ajfs).



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