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In the Name of God بسم الله
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Before we start here are some questions:

What is spirituality?
Why spirituality?
Is it Obligatory?
Different methods?

To get a minimum understanding of spirituality one might look at the lectures given by Sheikh Hamza Sodagar on the topic which is availible on youtube. To sum it down, spirituality is not a certain feeling or something extraordinary, but infact achievable by everyone. Spirituality is basically getting closer to God. Through the path that God has given us. Thereby we do not try to achieve this through other means than the holy Quran and the Ahlul Bayt. This closeness is not physical but just as we say we are close to a certain person which means we like the person, we have same interests, were maybe friends and etc. this is meant in the exactly same way. So to be close with God is actually to be His friend, to be His lover, to wish what He wishes, to do what He wants us to do and you get the rest. So to say it straight, its to worship God and through worshipping achieve this closeness. This is why our intentions before doing a deed is allways, Qurbatan ilallah - Qurb - getting close. Thats what God wants.  This closeness is meant to be achieved through worship only. 

I did not create the jinn and the humans except that they may worship Me. (51:56)

This is the path towards God, the only path and the only path through which we can gain spirituality. Thats why we ask God:

Guide us on the straight path, (Al-Faatiha: 6)

What is this straight path now?

Indeed Allah is my Lord and your Lord; so worship Him. This is a straight path.’ (Az-Zukhruf: 64)

In order to get close to God we need to do certain things. Ill mention these elements and then during the next parts talk abit more about them.

First and foremost, Quit sinning. Easier said than done. 
2- Do our obligatory duties. Prayers, payments, parents, people, community etc.

This cannot be achieved without a proper schedule. So what we need to do as the first thing is to create a calendar, a weekly schedule where we find time for all of our neccessary things, and then see where we can put in our spiritual program in it. Were gonna go through food, sleep, workout, school, family, social time, fun, hobbies, etc. etc. and of course the spirituality needs to be fitted in.

This is were we are going to start next time inshallah.

Is this obligatory? For the intellectual being there is no doubt that this is neccessary in order to achieve succes. Great personalities all had their succes through planing and schedule. Our scholars are all like this. Imam Khomeini used to be very punctual, so punctual that people would know the time by following his work during the day as he for instance allways would go out for a walk at 15.00. 

There are mentioned different methods according to different scholars and this is also where the pitfalls are. Were not here to go through these methods of achieving spirituality. The method used here is the methods of the verified scholars who have been giving permission to upbring, educate and guide. This is by being guided to a teacher to visit and have a relationship with so to get answers, guidance and more.

We can allways find "teachers" who arent verified, or are well known and can give us a feeling boost, or a feeling like no other place, like going to his lectures could make us cry but thats not the thing we need only, we need a teacher to help us creating us self and getting closer to God. For a person can cry during Muharram being Shimr himself in home, in society or even in the mosque.

This is the path of the scholars. The Awliya and the most spiritual and most close friends of the Ahlul Bayt.

So this is not about being able to see peoples true inner, or to fly through the skies but to become what God wants us to become - perfect. And to achieve this we need to work with our selves. Work, work and work.


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So the first thing anyone wants to do in order to achieve his/her goals whatever they may be, is to make a schedule.

The importance of this is also mentioned in lots of narrations from Imam Ali and other Infallibles and also mentioned in the book "Ziyarat Aminullah, by Ustad Mahmood Tahriri (also written by Ayatollah Muhammad Baqir Tahriri).


For instance Imam Ali says to his sons on his death bed: "... I advice you to plan in regards to your life..." [Nahjul Balagha p. 421]


Also another place the Imam says something like this: "Plan your daily time in and split it into three parts. Time for Worship.  Time for life, work and stuff, and then halal enjoyment." [Nahjul Balagha p. 421]


Life is moving faster than anything. Time is moving faster than anything else. Before we know it were 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100? 


If we dont plan, we will fail. We will regret. Loosing time brings regret. Theres narrations about it. [Nahjul Balagha, quote 2]


One of the gains of planning and creating a schedule is that we will be able to find free time and fill these spaces with things we want to do.


Lets be honest. We cannot do everything. Theres not enough time. At best two PH.Ds right. So we need to plan to reach our goals and gain the most from our life.

Ayatollah Fatiminia says something quite beautiful. A person comes to a grocer and asks about the price of his apples and how much 1 costs. The shopkeeper answers I only sell in hundreds, 1 doesnt even count. So this guy outsmarts the grocer and says, well let me have one then for free. The grocer thinks, 1 out of 100 isnt anything, here you go. Then the guy does the same about the bananas and the pears. The Grocer then wakes up as he realizes how he is been fooled.
Alhamdulillah he woke up. But we are giving away our lifes one day at a time and when will we wake up? when theres no fruits left? When we have no days left?


If a non muslim can be good at this even without hadith and narrations from Ahl Bayt, we need to be even better otherwise we cannot be able to answer on the day we will stand in front of God.


Here are the important points when you start creating your schedule:
1- Think, use your head, you need time to brainstorm,
1.1. write your goals,
1.2. your needs
1.3. duties
1.4. hobbies
1.5. job
1.6. God, knowledge, religion

2- Advice, you definitely need help from someone who knows his stuff so he can help you out. For instance you might have dinner right before praying time. This is not optimal as you will either not be praying on time or you will be praying like a drunkard (half sleep, tired and cursed)

3- Follow it. Follow your schedule, do adjustments

4- Tawakul and tawasul.


The first and most imporant thing that needs to be in order is your health. so you need to plan around this first. This means;

1- what do you eat, how much and when.

Halal food, healthy, green, cut down sugar eventually to none, cut down fast food to eventually none if possible. Once a week is ok as we all got the sweet tooth right. So eat in accordance to your body. The body will love you after fresh food, vegetables, oven baked or grilled or cooked, no frying please. Coke, Soda, chocolate, once a week dear friends if possible. Cut down slowly if you overeat or overuse sweet things.

2- workout. Do you workout like 20 mins a day? two - three times a week? you need to stay healthy. work out is work out and not playing stuff like dart, soccer and etc. swimming is good, cardio, yoga and stuff like this.

3- Sleep. people need around 8 hours of sleep. No one can sleep like the urafa (6 hours a day) and thats just wrong and the book writers do have something to answer as the youth who reads these books might end up giving up, depressed and stressed with not enough sleep. it is recommended to have a siesta also known as Qailula. This is a powernap like thing before asr. It gives energy and health.
4- fun time, HALAL! not fun time through haram. relaxation, travelling, greenery, water, you know the drill. visit your sisters, brothers, and not just because their names are Ali Muhammad and Zahra, but because they are modest, religious and pray their prayers and dont do haram.



In order to be able to pray you need to be healthy right. otherwise you wont be able to do nothing. praying, spirituality, lectures, etc.


We will inshallah continue next time. 

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you need something to be clarified.


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Now that we know the importance of creating a schedule and following it and have been given some of the important points that needs to be focused upon we will show you an actual example of how a day could be like just to show those who are more visual orientated.

22.00-23.00 go to bed.

06.00 waky waky for prayers (and salatul layl)

Either go to sleep again or do some of the things given by a teacher.

07.00 waky waky, breakfast, on way to school/work

08.00-09.00 subject x

09.00-10.00 subject y

10.00-11.00 subject z

11-12.00 relaxation

12-13.00 subject a


(some would relax a bit after prayers, a powernap or so)

14-15.00 subject b

15-16.00 getting home

16-17.30 workout/swim

17.30-18.30 eat

18.30-19.00 walk


19.30-21.00 homework

21.00- family time

23.00 sleep

This is just a day during the week. As you see theres not much time left to hobbies, fun and etc. Thats why we need to find free time and fill it out with those important things. Otherwise we would loose time here and there and also not achieve a thing.

We need to fill in these things like during the weekends or so, like the time for reading, shopping, social things etc.

Now heres another example for those who slowly have worked their way up the spiritual ladder and as you will see they can do and achieve more. As years of practice they have been able to fill their schedule with tiny things that will eventually and during the year become huge.

Imam Ali says: God loves the tiny acts that are continuous rather than big acts that only happens once. ( Jihad Nafs, p. 62)

06.00 waky waky for prayers (and salatul layl)

Dua and zekr and quran and muraqibah

07.00 waky waky, breakfast, on way to school/work

On the way to school x ayat or x zekr or read a certain topic (theological)

08.00-09.00 subject x

09.00-10.00 subject y

10.00-11.00 subject z

11-12.00 relaxation

12-13.00 subject a

Prayers. Daily duas, daily ziyaraats and quran

(some would relax a bit after prayers, a powernap or so)

14-15.00 subject b

15-16.00 getting home

Reading some history and fiqh

16-17.30 workout/swim

17.30-18.30 eat

18.30-19.00 walk with a tasbih in the hand and with a religious brother.


19.30-21.00 homework

21.00- family time


23.00 sleep


So basically we need to fix our sleep, fix what we eat and how much we eat, fix our workout times, get to know what we need to prioritize.

Some people want both the honey and the pickle. The fact is that its quite hard and definitely almost impossible without planning.

During our spare time we should focus on certain issues as we are muslims and lovers of Ahlul Bayt and their friends and followers.

1-      Duties towards parents and families, visitation, giving gifts, praying for them.

2-      Visiting our brothers in faith, giving gifts and praying for them

This doesn’t mean to give a gift everyday and go broke. No we need to find the middle path in everything, not overdo something and don’t underdo.

3-      Obligatory duties, prayers, fasting

4-      Personal time for contemplation, hygiene and etc.

5-      Gaining knowledge, belief, fiqh, history, ethics

6-      Hobbies and stuff.


1-      Duties towards family

Now to visit family and friends, that needs to be something during the week and not to often nor something which becomes weird and abnormal.

The hadis even stresses this by saying: “travel a year to visit friends and travel two years to visit family.” (Bihar v. 66 p. 403)

We even got some scary narrations about this issue (Silah Rahm) that if you don’t visit or do silah rahm which doesn’t only mean visit, but also includes prayers, charity, gifts, dua and etc. For people once life can be shorten by as much as 30 years. And if you do you can actually gain 30 years. (Mufatihul Hayat, Ayatollah Javadi Amoli, on the subject of silah rahm and qat rahm)


Next time we will inshallah talk about duties towards friends.


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Now that's the food right there e'en though tis only starters...

Hence SC is missed so dearly.


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Friends also do have certain rights upon us. And its necessary to have friends. Some of the criteria’s for friends are as follows:

1- Religious (they pray, they fast, they do their duties)

2- The have knowledge and wisdom of their faith and belief so their lack of this or doubts dont effect us.

3- Ethics and morals, they are polite, cheerful, helping, respect the elders...

4- helpful and act as a mirror for us, so that they tell us about or bad deeds and help us correct and better our self.

5- They should be wise and intelligent because dumb people might wish you good, but could end up hurting you instead.


And we need to visit each other and give each other gifts even if it’s a quint or quince fruit. (Tib al Aimmah, Muhammadi Rayshari under Quince fruit)


Now we only mentioned a couple of the criteria’s but having friends are important. Friends can either help us becoming successful or make us fall. Whether we like or we don’t its a reality that we will be affected by the perfume or the stank from our friends.


And test your friends, their loyalty, and their beliefs, their practice, their viewpoints and etc. Now of course there’s no doubt that they aren’t masoom and infallible but to some extent we can find people with the Islamic mindset of reaching perfection through Gods commands such as prayers, fasting, zakat, good manners, helping others and etc.

Test them through questions to find out about their beliefs.

Test them when its time for prayers.

Test them its time to eat halal.

We shouldn’t just be befriending people because of their names such as Muhammad, Ali, Hassan, Hussain, Fatima, Zainab and think they are Muslims so all is well. No Saddam was named Hussain and sometimes our “friends” do have such great names but their beliefs, actions and deeds are far worse than those of Shimr, Hind and the rest of that gang.

We have to admit we are social beings. And solitude is definitely not healthy for any of us. The narrations about the people of hell are well-known and how its filled with unmarried and single people. Sometimes we are social and happy but over the years we end up alone in solitude and don’t wanna visit friends, family or be social. This is something that needs to be cured and the cause of what leads to this is sinning which will lead to depression.

Imam Sajjad: “If a person gets angry with you thrice and doesn’t say anything bad about you- take him as friend.” [Tarikh Yaqubi v.2 s.383]

Imam Ali: “Whoever chooses a friend after properly testing him will have a lasting friendship with him” (Sharh-i-Ghurar wa Durar, v.5, pp.397-398.)

Another important thing which cannot be stressed enough is to befriend a scholar. Not just a person with the clothes but someone authentic and verified. There are certain criterias for true scholars and we can go through that another time inshallah.

Divide your friends like this:

1-      Those we need all the time like nourishment.

2-      Those who are a disease, like the foolish ones.

3-      Those who are remedies and these are the intellectual ones.

(Imam Sadiq, Risalatul Huqu)

“Your Companion is neither astray nor being misled.” [The Holy Qur’an, al-Najm 53:2]

1-      Befriend friends that are family people, who visit people and are social

2-      Find friends that are intellectual.

3-      Find friends with correct belief. Aqaid needs to be in place. God, Justice, Prophethood, Imamah, Qiyamah.

4-      Find friends who practice their religion.

5-      Find  friends who don’t lie.

6-      Find friends who will help others in need.

7-      Find a friend whom invites you to the gatherings of a scholar.


We need to put this kind of social time in our schedule so that we do have social time at least once a week. This means social time without the computer, phones, projects and etc. No just for relaxing, having fun (halal), enjoying life and Gods blessings.


Inshallah next time we will go through the obligatory duties starting with where to start from.

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I will inshallah continue as soon as I find time. Meanwhile remember everyone in your duas during this holy month and dont forget those tiny tiny daily Ramadan Duas. If the arabic is difficult to understand just read the translations.

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Obligatory duties

Before even mentioning these the first thing we need to really focus on is that were doing all this to get closer to God and the only way to get closer to God is through worship. When we worship we must not imagine that we are worshiping a God thats something seperated from us but that God is closer to us:

"...for We are nearer to him than (his) jugular vein.[50:16] 

In fact God is:

"... and breathed into him of My spirit, fall ye down in obeisance unto him." [38:72].

The main thing we need to do is to abstain from sinning. This no doubt needs us to know about the sins and a good book to start with is Greater sins by Martyr Sayed Dastghaib or Ayatollah Mishkinis book Muharramaat and wajibaat. Its all about keeping away from sins and doing what is obligatory. 
  • Daily prayers 5 times a day.
  • If needed the Ayat prayers.
  • Fasting.

The rest will come slowly inshallah.

Once these things are fixed one can continue. I need to sum up certain things in order so that I dont forget these things.

Happiness and inner peace
Basically we need to be happy and find inner happiness. What is happiness and what is inner peace? One way of explaining it is to say its the opposite of depression, sadness and stress. But we honestly dont need to tell people what happiness and inner peace is. Somewhere everyone knows and they also are eager to achieve it but end up doing different stuff to reach inner peace or to get happy. But for those out there who really think happiness is drinking, dancing, partying and stuff like this I know that its not happiness and so do they. Happiness is when you are at peace and feel great. Islam gives us guidelines in order for us to achieve this happiness and inner peace. Im really sorry im jumping short here but hopefully we will get back to happiness and inner peace later on. First we need to know what leads us to inner peace and happiness.

"It is He Who sent down tranquillity into the hearts of the Believers, that they may add faith to their faith;- for to Allah belong the Forces of the heavens and the earth; and Allah is Full of Knowledge and Wisdom;"[48:4]

Were nothing on ourselves and even the inner peace is granted to us by God. 

"But only he (will prosper) that brings to Allah a sound heart;" [26:88]

The sound heart is the tranquil heart and the heart that has found inner peace. And let me be honest and frank. No music, no medicine, nothing else can grant this but if we focus on our sleeping habits, eating habits, working out and our duties towards God, family, people, friends and etc. 

BTW here is a secret  between us. Nothing ruins it more than sinning

  • If we havent slept well we tend to be groggy more aggresive and more deppressed, just as food also can have this effect on us and lack of working out. 
  • If were not fit and heatlhy worship will be lazy, weighing tons, without concentration and happiness.  
  • In the wednesday prayers we ask God for happiness when we worship him.

If we arent happy and mum tells us to clean up the dishes we might only clean up half of them or "clean them up" not so well. The same goes for worship. Without peace and happiness it would lack the important things such as concentration, focus, interest, motivation, spirit, spirituality and etc.

If there are any questions pls let me know inshallah.


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So when you the wayfarer want to travel towards God as this shoud be the goal and is the goal of everything, you need to start with something. Now once you have gotten the hand of true aqeeda, fiqh and etc. the place you start is here:

  • Forgiveness
  1. For everything which you owe Allah. 
  2. For everything which you owe people. This cannot just be done through istighfaar but you have to give back the rights of people.

Agha Tahriri notes that praying the istighfaar prayer of the month of Zil Qada told by the prophet is excellent after this.

  • Muraqibah and Muhasibah
  1. Keeping tight control with doing what is wajib and keeping away from what is haram.
  2. Keeping account of ones deeds. As Imam Ali says:

"The wise must keep account for his faults in religion, belief, ethics and morals either in his chest or in a book and seek to improve and better himself." 
[Ghurar al Hikam n. 8927]

In the begginung it might be a bit hard but with practice it becomes easier and one moves from being slow to being really good at keeping account of ones deeds. 

Doing Mustahab and avoiding Makrooh

  • Doing at least the mustahab for prayers and at least the tasbih of Lady Fatima Zahra
  • Praying on time
  • Praying with the momineen in the mosque
  • Reciting the Azan and Iqamah
  • Doing the Taqibat of prayers
  • Praying the mustahab prayers - especially Salat al Layl
  • Reciting the Quran at least fifty verse a day
  • Reading duas and doing zikr. The daily duas and the daily ziyaraat. ( the usual zekrs such as la ilaha, istighfar, salawat and etc. are fine other than that one must consult with his teacher such as Agha Tahriri, Agha Amini and get certain zekrs from these authentic individuals whom has the permission to teach and raise people)
  • Tawasul, going to majalis and reading the daily ziyarat of ahlul bayt. They are quit short and can be ready easily during the day.
  • Fasting without being too hard on one self. Like the first thursday in a month and the last and the wednesday after the half of the month.

If there is more thirst we can continue inshallah.

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On 2/2/2016 at 5:10 AM, Baseeji- said:

Salam alaikum


I will inshallah continue, my dear family. I am unfortunately not good at the Spanish language.


If you allow me, I could start working on translations to what you already posted.


with duaas

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Guest silasun
5 hours ago, Baseeji- said:

Any1 interested in a continuation of this post and topic?

Sure :).

I had one or two "disagreements" with some posts based on my own research (e.g I am sure that anyone over say 18 can train themselves to sleep one or two hrs less than the average for their age) but I still really liked a lot of the content.

Some of it sounds like it was inspired by the mouth of Sheikh Shomali (ha)! :cool:.

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Bismehe Ta3ala,

Assalam Alikum 

There is a few days left of Shaban and we will start the month of Allah.

What do you have for us to reach taqwa?  Any lectures you recommend us to listen?

M3 Salamah, FE AMIN Allah 

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Asalam alaikum

I sincerly apologize for not being online and missed your post in regards to Shabaan and holy Ramadan. 

First of all, I am in no position to be asked about what to tell people to do in these months. All I can do is convey what the scholars of Ahklaaq recommend us to do. 

I will continue this topic soon enough and will answer the last reply as well.



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