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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

How Do You Better Yourself?

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Assalamu Aleikum wb.


There are several ways to better one self. One of the most effective ways is through our five daily obligatory prayers. After each prayer one needs to deeply ponder and reflect upon the purpose of their existence in this world and to always remember that death is the final abode. After performing each prayer, one should be left with an open heart and mind and this will effectively shape the human being. Therefore, we should aim to improve our self after each daily prayer, instead of improving our self everyday. One practical step is to keep a notebook and set out some objectives each day and give a mark for each category. If needed make comments and evaluate your progress. This will bring control into one's life and make one feel determined in reaching their purpose. If you feel there are areas you cannot improve with your best ability, step a penalty for yourself. For example, one of your objectives is to not get angry, your penalty should be dedicating one hour to ponder and reflect over a specific chapter of the Holy Quran with understanding. In the same way, you can set yourself a reward for your good actions. Lastly, the most importantly aspect is understand that Allah swt help will always be there for you and to those who strive towards his light.


"As for those who strive in Us, We Shall surely guide them in Our ways, and God is indeed with the virtuous." Quran Kareem [29:69]  Surat Al-`Ankabūt - The Spider.


May one always strive towards Allah swt path with an open heart, mind and with full pleasure and determination. 




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For most of us  we can never better ourselves, as those that want us worse is too powerful and has monopolised the market to make us worse.

But you can learn to use the deficiencies you have and submit to the will of :Allah swt and seek forgiveness and patience.

You should also prepare for the beloved :Al-Hujjat (as) who will make the world a better place, and offer you the platform to be the best humanity has ever seen as his 313, inshallah.



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Practice what you know, and Allah will teach you what you do not know.

This is perhaps one of the greatest advice's one can ever receive, in my opinion.


Islam as we all know it is a vast sea of knowledge and truth. It can be natural to become caught up on certain details and ignore primal obligations. A focus on details, can cause the loss of self awareness or purpose since details without the proper insight and practice will become routine, and this can include simply judging others on a very narrow scale you have created for yourself. The most effective way is to always practice what you know, even if it's one thing. But focusing all efforts into that thing is really building the backbone to perfecting the soul and this too will naturally go on to encompass the other very important details. Insha'Allah

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cultivation of virtues. pick any one of the virtues found and taught by the AhlulBayt (as) then put it into action in your daily life. start w one which you lack in yourself. rest will follow by itself w the Grace of Allah SWT

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