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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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How To Get Better Grades?

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Ali F!

U should work hard!!!


These r ways of improving memory

1-reading Quran,specially Ayat Al-Kursy

2-reciting salawat (صلواة)

3-brushing teeth

4-eating honey

5-eating frankincense with sugar

6-eating 21 currants for breakfast

7- order in work

(Bihar ul-Anwar, Siraj ul-Shia,Thamarat ul-Anwar)

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Sleep enough.

Study for short periods of time frequently.

Exercise regularly.

Eat a healthy diet.

Work practice problems, if applicable.

There are also duas for studying, but without taking care of your mind and body, they won't help. I suggest you look at duas.org

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In order to get better grades, you need to game the system, yes, you heard it right, game it with strategy. 


Lets face, standardized testing isn't fair, the questions are dry and are usually way harder than what you actually studied. The excersizes you do, they got nothing on exam questions. 


So why are the designed in such a way?


Well so that the God-gifted intelligent fella with that high IQ can surpass all, there he goes and scores, while all you rest get trapped even with so much revision and hard work.


This is how you game the system, this is what I discovered and alhamdulilah my grades improved.

Show up to classes, even if you can't pay attention (like me) you would know at least enough that where you are in the course.

You need to read/study slides, and make notes through that. 


You see, when you read something complex and finally get it, the 'aha-moment' is great, but you would soon forget only to re-do that during exam time.

So make good notes, well-detailed notes, sometimes explain concepts in your own words. I like put various urban slangs as if I am some freestyle rapper, just so I understand a silly concept.


15-20 days before exam time, you should have notes for all chapters, read the text or go through slides, whatever floats, make sure you have the notes written in your language by you.


Now when you read through your own writing, you will understand and recall it proper. Sure come concepts would appear 50-50, or confused, but that's okay!

In your notes, you would had done excersices, re-do the exercises/questions, you'll actually understand it more while doing the excersizes. 


It is normal for you to not figure out them on first try, see the answers, backtrack the answers and understand. 

When you practically do it, you understand concepts better than just read. 

You must tell yourself that you have no life 15-20 days before exam week. Also have smart friends, ask them all the confusing question too. 


Take me, I took off from work, in fact all my vacay days, came to University's library at 8, studied until I took the bus of 10.

Yep, I studied 8 am to 10 pm, for 15-ish days.


Sure its not all straight study, you chill, joke, eat, but studying is at the core. I did straight 12 hour group study sessions for 15 days with friends, helps greatly.

Do this, if doesn't work then study alone, but dedicate all those hours.


With all those hours spend, you even think during sleep, lol, let the sub-conscious be involved too. 

Now that you know the excersizes, readings.. etc, skim it one more time. Some confusion persists but that's normal.

This is important, do practice exam/test banks/past exams.


So If you want the grades, do that sample exam/test banks/past exams, attempt every single question until it gets in you.


Always backtrack for answers and try to work your way to see the how the answers are coming.

I do practice exam like 3-4 times, so when a question comes from there, I already know the answer before reading, lol.

I do all test banks, all 700 MCQs, even if I don't remember, I know and have memorized important concepts.


Not that I get straight As, but in Finance and such, you need this much dedication, after all, good grades leads to lots of avenues.


So -->


1) Makes notes of all through reading or slides - notes should be your writing


2) Do excersize questions, make small side notes and arrows why this number goes where.


3) 15 days before exams, screw life and even classes, go only if you have to, those days are straight 12-14 hour study session.

Its not just you, library will be filled with people doing the same.


4) Do all test banks/sample exam, multiple times, that's your door for better grade.


5) Take notes off those test banks/sample exam, those Qs are harder, so these notes will make you understand concepts.


6) Read 'em through, write exam.


7) Duas.org and other help from God is integral


8) After grades, always beg the prof for another grade, be sure to visit him during regular office hours that he remembers you.

It works at times. 


Hope this helped. 

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A great advice I received from a very valuable teacher I had was "study for yourself, study becausebyou like what you do and you do it for your own". I finally realized that someone shall not only love what he studies, but actually love himself. That was a good advice I received that actually pushed me to work on myself and feel more motivated to study and focus on what I was studying.

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Jazzakumullah khayr al jazzah. Now, I am living in onther country, so it may be hard for me to understand your school system. Fx I don't know what a course is.


-21 raisins, can anyone give me a hadith?



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