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In the Name of God بسم الله

What Does This Saying By Our 7Th Imam Mean?

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What I think it may mean:

The first part

He who speaks in the Essence of Allah will perish,

Means the people that try to identify what Allah is .....like for example the way he may look, or perhaps his existence and knowledge and how he came to be........as a result of this they will. Become Kaffer Bil deen ( reject the total existence of Allah). Which is what I think he means by perish

The second part

He who seeks power will perish

The Muslims that seek power will become corrupt and lose their way......which we see in almost all Muslims who are in power ...fromMuawiyya to Yazid to the Saudi empire now.

He who feels self conceited will perish

The one that over exaggerates his own abilities will also lose his way ....think that he is perfect and has no need to self improve ....even our prophet and imams were never self conceited And they were Imams and prophets so anyone who is self conceited would definitely lose their way from the straight path that Allah has placed for us .

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That saying has three parts, and the first part of it mentions Essence of Allah, which is part of the Knowledge of the Unseen, so the 7th Imam AS is saying to stay away from it. Only Allah SWT has complete knowledge of it.

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