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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

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InshAllah you are in the best health and eeman! Given that Imam Ali (as) birthday (aka father's day) day is coming up, I would like to take the time to share with you an awesome english poem I came across youtube about Imam Ali (as)! I combined the two poems that brother Nouri Sardar recites and made them into one ( I made a few minor changes here and there), but each stands beautifully on its own nonetheless, mashAllah. Ahsantom! =)



Who is Imam Ali (as)? By Nouri Sardar
In understanding him, there is still confusion
Minds cannot encompass him, can Vision?(2X)
Imam Ali is more than just Badr's victor
ImamAli is more than just Badr's victor
He is thirst for those who love to ponder
He is the mirror of his own mirror
The opener of doors since Khaibar
I knew him, since my eyes first peek
I spoke him, since I knew how to speak
Tears are embarrassed to flow down his cheek
He IS Eloquence, not just its peak
He IS Eloquence, not just its peak
His virtues leave life's lessons breathless
63 years knew he was ageless
Death understood that Ali is endless
Immortal, he isn't worth less
In understanding him there is still confusion
In understanding him there is still confusion 
If the laws of normality have taught us anything, is that Ali, even against all norms, will continue to trend  (2x)
He trends and rises above all
embracing the beyond
and even when he does, he numerically tends to be number one..
..the heaviest number of them all
The origin, the beginning, it does not need to lend its importance back to number one ..because it IS one
even if they were to call him four, 
their scale, 
his weight, 
would bend,  
He makes all other numbers look insignificant
call him 4th, 40th,400th, he is the First
much like he is always the first that tends to grow and trend
oh Imam Ali you are the first (2x) and none can count you different 
Even if they'd put you last, we'll just start counting from the end, 
Even if they'd put you last, we'll just start counting from the end, 

So if you want to swerve the system just to count him first, blessings upon Mohammad and the sons of Muhammad SEND Sale ala mohammad wa aale mohammad! 



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_D5UeAZJ4U @ 2:18 minutes the second part of the poem starting with "if the laws.."
If you have any english poems that you'd like to share about Imam Ali (as) please feel free to post below.
JazakAllah khairan and keep us in your duaas,

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This poem expresses  a Muslim's love to Imam Hussain.

What do you think of this poem:

On the day of ghadeer Ali became Amir

Not only was Amir rasululah 's peer

To him he was really dear

From Allah only does he fear

And faith is his gear

For him I cheer

He fought for Islam with his spear

For Janna he is the cashier

For mankind he is the bashir

Although Islam is his main career

He is both doctor and engineer

To everyone he is sincere

And he is Allah's wazeer

He is the chandelier

That makes Islam clear


To the poor he was very generous

And to the oppressors he was merciless

Never was he jealous

And he never was envious

To Allah he is very precious

Filled with endurance and cleverness

His heart was always filled with tenderness

And every action was stupendous

His good deeds were various


Asalamualaykum oh my imam

Send my Salam

To your awesome mom

Who always followed Islam

You are always so calm

And never  did any haram

Before ghadeer  Ali was my imam


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