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In the Name of God بسم الله

Marriage Between A Shia Boy And A Shia Syeda Girl

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Salaam everyone,


I would like to know, is the mariage between a Shia boy and a Shia Syeda girl permissible? I've heard it wasn't (and that stopping the legacy of our Holy Prophet (pbuhahp) was no less than a sin) but so far I've never been given evidence from our holy books or hadiths, hence leading me to think that this ideology was purely based on my country's castes culture and not necessarily on the true essence of Islam.


Can anyone throw more light on this? I am only interested in evidence with proper quote and reference, not personal opinions!


Thank you :)

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Makarem Sheeraazee:
52Marriage of Girls of Bani Hashim with other Tribes
Question: Your highness has said in the first issue of the book “New Estefta’aat” that there were lots of cases of marriage of daughters of Bani Hashim with Men of other tribes at the beginning of Islam and the age of pure Imams (a.s.). Please express some cases with acceptable proof.
Answer: One clear example is marriage of Zaynab, prophet’s (s.a.) cousin, with Zayd ibn Harithah which has been mentioned explicitly in holy Qur’an. Another example is marriage of Zuba’ah, granddaughter of Abdul Muttalib, with Miqdad which has been mentioned in cabbala. Specially, it has been affirmed beneath the cabbala that prophet (s.a.) said: “I performed this act in order to expand the issue of marriage among people and to remove obstacles and shakles”.1 Lots of Maraji’ of our time like Ayatollah Khoei and Ayatollah Golpayegani which are from Sadaat of Bani Zahra (s.a.) have also married their daughters to non-Sayyed men.
1- Wasael al-Shi’a, vol. 14, page 45, chapter 26, Hadith 1, 2 &5


Question: Sadaat have extraordinary respect in Pakistan, even unrighteous Sadaat; because it was the superiors of Sadaat who introduced Islam to other than Sadaat. Therefore, other than Sadaat don’t consider it permitted to marry Sadaat girls and Sadaat also believe that this act is disrespecting the dynasty of prophet (s.a.), and this is very important for them in the way that if someone violates that then some of young persons and even elders get emotional and in these cases kill the husband of that girl! As it has been performed some months ago in Lahore! And this accident has printed in newspapers of Pakistan with big title and most people admired this act. And there is no doubt that if Sayyeda marries a non-Sayyed then it will have corruptions, and vilifies the sect of Shi’a and Shiite scholars, too; because all of Sunni brothers in Pakistan believe that it is not permitted for a Sayyeda girl to marry a non-Sayyed boy. Please say that:
1) If there are corruptions in marriage of Sayyeda and non-Sayyed and it causes family problems and desecration of the faith and sec of Ahl al-Bait (a.s.) then in such cases, is it permissible to perform this act?
2) If there is a man appropriate for a Sayyeda girl in her family then is it permissible for her to marry a non-Sayyed man, while her father has dead and her grandfather doesn’t agree with this act?
Answer: Essentially, it doesn’t have problem for daughters of respected Sadaat to marry non-Sayyed men, and in the age of prophet (s.a.) and infallible Imams (a.s.) it has happened lots of times that Sayyeda girls married non-Sayyed persons, and infallibles (a.s.) didn’t prohibit that. But if it causes social corruption for certain then people should abstain that and gradually familiarize people with this Islamic ruling. And killing a Muslim is one of the greatest sins and has Qisas.


Question: Asalaam o Alaikum can sayed zadi get marry with non sayed boy ? thanks Tasawar abbas jafri chakwal (pakistan)
Answer: Yes,the marriage is correct. 


Q: Is it permissible for a male Sayyed (a descendant of Prophet Mohammad (p.)) to marry a woman that is not a descendant of Prophet Mohammad (p.)? 2/11/2006 12:01:35 PM
A: It is permissible for the Hachimate man/woman to marry a non-Hachimate woman/man, and there is no problem in the Sharia concerning this issue. 
[Answered by Sayed Fadhlallah]

To Marry a Sayyidah Girl
Q: Is it permissible for a non-sayyid boy to marry a sayyidah girl?
A: It is permissible. 
Source: http://www.leader.ir...s/EN/index.php#

Question: Can a Sayyid girl marry a non-Sayyid man?
Answer: It is permissible and there is no objection to it.
Source: http://www.sistani.o...n...=530&page=2


Muhammad Sa'eed Hakim:
Q [14] I want to ask that can a syed shia girl marry a non syed shia boy is it allowed. Some people say that if such marriage happens that couple will not live a happy life. They will face more problems in life than others. Is this true
It is allowed and there is no foundation to such fear.
Q [15] Is marriage of Sayyed woman to a non-Sayyed man allowed?
There is nothing in the holy Quran or in the traditions of the prophet and of the Ahlulbyte that prohibits such a marriage. Furthermore, religious texts reported that devotees are equal to each other. In addition, several texts stated that the prophet and the Ahlulbyte said: ""If you are satisfied with the religion and ethics of the man that is seeking marriage from your family, then by all means accept him. If you do not, a big disorder and sedition will occur". The messenger of Allah himself implemented this practically according to what is narrated by Imam Sadiq: "The messenger of Allah married Dhubaa the daughter of his uncle Zubair the son of Abdul Muttalib to Muqdad bin Amro. He did that to show (that) the marriage is simple, for you to act similarly and to know that the noblest among you, in the sight of Allah, is the best in conduct”. Zubair was a full brother to Abdullah (the prophet's father) and to Abu Talib (Imam Ali's father)".
Q [16] I have read on your site that it is permissible for a syed girl to marry a non syed boy. Are there any conditions to this?
It is permissible and there are no specific conditions. Yes, respecting the wife when she is a Sayyida is confirmed as it is guarding the noble lineage of the messenger of Allah (peace be upon Him and His holy progeny).




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