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Ya Mahdi1999

What Can The Shias In The West Do For Imam Mahdi?

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I've been studying different hadiths and literature about Imam Mahdi atfs and his visit to his true followers and I've realized that what he himself has wanted us to do is to prepare ourselves by avoiding sins and doing our obligations with regard to Islam.

He had once said to one of Shia scholars who had met him personally, that if our Shias purify themselves, they are not needed to search for me... I myself will go and meet them.

So let's purify ourselves by:

Not doing sins

Doing our Islamic obligations and prayers


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2. do not usurp the lands from its original rightful inhabitants, and do not be part of the genocide and rape of innocent people.

You have entered the land unlawfully according to :Islamic rulings and have engaged and actively participating in crimes against humanity.

(knowingly or unknowingly ). If you desire the attention of your beloved :Al-Hujjat (as) then I advise you desist, seek amends and forgiveness from those you have committed crimes against.

In your case, seek forgiveness from the Aboriginal tribes and their true representative elders of the lands that you have wrongfully occupied, of the resources you have unlawfully used , and seek to compensate them.

:Allah swt does not like the oppressors and their helpers.


"...and do not help one another in sin and oppression; and be careful of (your duty to) Allah; surely Allah is severe in requiting evil." 

(Surah Maidah 5:2)

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3. The beloved :Al-Hujjat (as) will not need today's doctors, engineers , mechanics , lawyers , bankers etc , because these professions only exist to build the system that is preparing to serve the :Sufyani (L) which will oppose him. These people are building a society that is only going to self destruct with it's :Riba infested cities, that is unsustainable and destructive to all life and to the environment. He will replace this system with a more just and sustainable model never seen before, that is more advanced and superior to the current one.

For those that really want to prepare, perhaps its best to leave the schools and universities, leave your jobs etc.

Maybe start with learning about alternative technologies and systems that are slowly being released to help humanity.

This is available for those who are awake and aware of the changes taking place and which are purposely hidden from the mainstream.

I believe our beloved through his sources releases such opportunities for those that are genuine and seek the truth.

Schools and Universities are not such places to seek this type of knowledge.

But the advantage of being in the west is that there are alternative more viable technologies being rediscovered within the alternate societies.


egs. endless energy systems, hemp plastics,  cures for all diseases, and a real non :Riba banking system waiting to be introduced.

Edited by :Sami II

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Perhaps things that may seem too simple make a big difference. Try joining small protests, or gathering friends to have a small dua-filled night at one of your homes for the people suffering from the oppression. Allah takes these small actions into account. Don't think that because we live in the West it's harder to fight, in fact, we have the opportunity to go and make a difference, while our people of the middle east stay in their homes, scared to do anything. Make the best of the free time you have, something as simple as a Salawat for the oppressed goes a long way. 

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