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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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In Search For Books About Shi'ism

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In the name of God. Salam. Welcome to the forum. It is nice that you like reading on and studying Islam.


There are not really many differences in both denominations of Islam. But, studying them will show us how close these sects are and it will broaden our outlook.



Well, for your program, I suggest that you study these books first:


Spiritual Discourses by Ayatullah Mutahhari


God, Man and Universe by Ayatullah Mutahhari 


Islamic Teachings in Brief by Allama Muhammad Husain Tabatabai


Man and Islam by Dr. Ali Shariati


And in the meantime, you can read a few articles a day from these Islamic Magazines: http://www.islamilink.com/index?l=2#ana14


I hope you study a little everyday.


May Allah bless you.

Thank you, inshallah these will give me some insight :)


If you want to understand "His outward in his inwardness and inward in his outwardness" which according to one hadith is Tawheed by the Rasool, you should read Misbahal Hidaya. I believe it's out in English now.  Or you want to understand the words of Imams of Tawheed that Allah has no similarity no tashbih, and that attributes fell astray regarding him, as well as other hadiths like "there is no difference between you and them except that..." or "we have states with Allah where we are we, he is he, and he is we and we are he" or that "Is there anyone more manifest then you so that he should manifest you  When were you ever absent that you need a proof"- Imam Hussain or "Tawheed is to attribute the name to the named" and not to worship the name and the named both. And also will make you understand how all beautiful names ecompass all beautiful names yet the distinction of the grand name of God (the true one name of God).


It's a complicated book. I disagree with only that Mohammad and Ali or Ahlulbayt were the only possible means of God expanding his name and grace and mercy, and I believe others hold that station, but it's a good book.


Have a good read. It will open up many avenues of knowledge like the words of Imam Ali "O who directed to his essence by his essence" and Imam Zainal Abideen on the other "attributes went astray regarding thee, and violated your greatness the thoughts of imagination".


And it will make you understanding the face of God and what is meant by it in our hadiths.

sounds very complicated indeed.. i just wanted some basics really to start with.. thank you though :)


A book of Imam `Ali's sermons, letters and sayings: http://www.al-islam.org/nahjul-balagha-part-1-sermons/


Imam Zayn al-`Abideen's book of supplications: http://www.duas.org/sajjadiya/

Thank you, i have the nahjul-balagha that i just got the other day.. excited to read it !


I highly recommend you reading the misbahal hidaya, because it contains importance of some of Tawheed, the link of God's light, the light of all light, but the total non-similarity no trace of God's hidden essence in any sign, in any glory, in any beauty, in any manifestation. Here is the book: http://en.imam-khomeini.ir/en/c5_3177/Book/English/The_Lamp_of_Guidance_into_Vicegerency_and_Sanctity_Misbah_ul-Hidayah_ilal-Khilafah_wal-Wilayah_

thank you again!


thanks this will be good.




This is a great work, and one that needs to be read. However, I feel perhaps it may be a little heavy at first?


OP, I recommend going through the work by Ayatollah Jafar Subhani which I recommended (I have it on PDF so let me know here and I can send it to you) and perhaps other material before working through al-Bab al-Hadi `Ashar :)


I feel it will be more beneficial that way. 

yes please, i do not want anything too complicated at first as I have only read few things about it all :)

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