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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Saudi Arabia Invades Yemen Again

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A new chapter opens in the region, the coward Zionist puppet Saudi invades Yemen, it must be ready to give up on Yemeni provinces that it occupied decades ago.


It is a must for ALL SHIAS to help and pray for Ansarallah movement and their supporters in Yemen as much as possible.



PressTv-  Saudi Arabia starts military intervention in Yemen: Saudi envoy


Saudi military forces have launched a military operation in Yemen where the Ansarullah fighters have acquired power, says the monarchy’s ambassador to the United States​.


"The operation is to defend the legitimate government," Adel al-Jubeir told reporters in a rare news conference in Washington, referring to the administration of President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi who reportedly fled the country earlier in the day.


He added that the current situation in Yemen “is not an option" for Riyadh, saying the operation began at 7 pm Eastern time.

He further accused the Houthi fighters of having “always chosen the path of violence", claiming Riyadh would do “anything necessary” for "the legitimate government” of the Arab world’s most impoverished county.


Meanwhile, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, the UAE along with Saudi Arabia released a joint statement that they "have decided to answer the call of President Hadi” against the movement’s ”aggression”.


The statement included all member states of the (Persian) Gulf Cooperation Council ([P]GCC) except Oman.



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Finally, this is the prime time to rid Arabia from its Saudi occupiers, the Islamic Awakening is spreading and no one can stop it.


No more Wahhabi terrorists funded by oil money, no more puppet clerics that make 9/11 seem like a justifiable act, no more hypocrisy, the holy sites will be free...



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^ Hello,


I see.  Thanks for clarifying.  What were the previous victories?


All the Best,


Salam , really you don't know ? so let us ask US senator so that you can agree :


They already control Tehran and, increasingly, they control Damascus and Beirut and Baghdad. And now, Sana’a as well "


thanks God we can at least agree with one common point .expect that i don't think it is just Iran  ,but also brave Afghan, Iraqi ,Yemeni ,Syrian and .... people .

you asked me about the upcoming victory and the previous ones .however if you ask for the future victory , I would say it is Qods .

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Alhamdolillah I think the second stages of Imam Mahdi's prophecies are beginning to show. 

Well said , InshaAllah .as far as i know it is Yemeni people who first capture Mecca .the interesting thing is that Hothi's base distance to Mecca is nearer than Saudi capital to Mecca .

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-According to Alarabiya: Saudi declares Yemen airspace "restricted area" LOL :lol:


-Sudan's Bashir completely closes all Iranian centers and switches side becoming a Saudi-important ally in war against Yemen according to Alarabiya :blink: :D


-Jordan and Egypt are willing to join Saudi invasion if needed according to Aljazeera


-Obama supported Saudi invasion of Yemen, according to Aljazeera and RTV


-Three Houthi commanders killed in bombings of Sanaa and Houthis air defense destroyed according to Saudi sources, Alarabiya reports

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