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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Re: Hijabi Fashion Blogs And Vlogs

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Salaam Alaykum, 


Hope you are all well.


I am very confused about a few things regarding hijab. Is it okay to be a hijabi model? I.e a model who showcases new scarves and abayas.


Also, recently, there are many hijabi fashion blogs and vlogs [by hijabis] showing their daily wear in detail - i.e. what they wore, their scarf style, colour, dresses, shoes and even makeup.. 


I wanted to start my own hijab fashion blog but I am not sure if it is permissible in the Sha'riah!


Ofcourse, I will have my hijab on all the time in the pictures and the videos!  


I was wondering if anyone knows what the answer is. 



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(wasalam) sister


I think the first thing that is needed in order for you to answer your own question is to analyze your intention and reason for starting a hijab fashion blog. Why do you want to do this when there are so many other hijab fashion blogs? Perhaps you want to inspire other Muslim women to dress modestly? Perhaps you want to help hijab women's clothing companies advertise? Maybe fashion is your hobby?


Anyway, first figure out the reason, and then when you know what your intentions are, you can either proceed to make the blog or not.


If you decide to make the blog, I would advice only featuring as much as needed. For example if you are showing a new hijab or hijab style, you could block out your face to keep the objective straight to the point. And in the videos, I don't know what the videos would be about, but you could just use a voice-over instead of yourself being in the video. Or you could get a manikin and dress the mankin up in outfits that you like and take a picture. But no matter what you do as long as you think it is fine and fulfills a pure intention and it fits into the guidelines of hijab according to your understanding, than there shouldn't be a problem with it. :)


Remember it's always better to err on the side of caution, hope that helps some!

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Intention shouldn't always be the sole reason you do or not do something. You may have the best intentions but they won't be sufficient if the act you're doing can be a cause for concern.

Platforms such as YouTube are not the right way to promote hijab. No matter how good your hijab is, unless you're wearing a niqab and full abaya head to toe, men will still be staring at your face, your body, your features and by posting a video on YouTube you're allowing them to play, replay, pause, rewind, download and God knows what else.

I understand your intentions are pure sister, and that's a great thing alhamdulillah, but you also need to consider the possible consequences of your actions.


An easier method of deciding whether or not to go ahead with something like this is to ask whether our infallibles would consider doing something like this or whether they would approve. Would Sayeda Fatima Zahra (as) give you the thumbs up?


It's good to look presentable and smart in hijab, but not necessarily fashionable and colourful.

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w alaykum salam sister knowledgeseeker,


I kept thinking if my reply would help you in any way because more than advice, I would like to share my thoughts.

As we know, there is haram, halal, makroh, and mustahab. 

When it comes to broadcasting yourself on youtube, there are many factors we need to consider in order to conclude if it will be beneficial. It is definitely a controversial issue based on the fact that as mentioned above, anybody will have access to your face (if you choose to broadcast it) but at the same time, everybody will have access to learning about the hijab which could result in positive outcomes.


Now, I personally disagree with some sisters that have taken it too far and portray themselves with a lot of make up during the tutorials or they speak too much, as well as they model "modest" clothing which might be modest but their make up and way in which they speak and move, make the point of hijab to be missed. Evidently they beautify themselves because they know that they are being seen by millions of people worldwide. 


So of course the intention of our actions is what matters the most but the way to express our intention is what will ultimately be known and seen and reflect consequences. 

If you believe there will be a genuine benefit to your videos and you will make sure not to portray yourself in a manner that corrupts the true meaning of hijab, then I don't think it's wrong, and as mentioned above too, you can block out your face :)


Good luck inshAllah!

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Your idea is indeed fantastic but I wholeheartedly agree with the other sisters who have imparted their wisdom about your confusion. 


I'm myself a media person and appear on a shia Islamic channel with my face covered even though a lot of my own shia people have expressed their dislike about my appearance (coz we all know face veil is just mustahab, not wajib!) but my decision to appear on the channel in such a way was based more on the fact that I don't want millions of men staring at my face and painting their own imagination with detestable thoughts. I appear in the most 'un-glamorous' avtaar as one can imagine and seriously have no qualms about not being recognized as 'that girl who comes on TV' whereas my other colleagues do share a lot of fame...at the end, it's my words about Islam, it's beautiful Prophet and his household (pbut) that needs to be heard by the masses, right? 


Hope I made some sense and please do forgive me if my post comes across as a classic example of 'self adoration'...wish you lots of luck in your endeavor! 

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Salaam Alaykum all,


I just wanted to thank you all for your replies and advice. It has certainly been very helpful.  At this pointt I will not be going ahead with the hijabi store as I feel it will be very difficult to compete with other hijabi stores who have hijabi models etc
I appreciate your guidance which has been objective and logical :) 
May Allah[swt] reward you abundantly for your help :D 
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