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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Origins Of Isis - Must Watch

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While I agree that the CIA is largely responsible for the funding and training of (some of) the people who eventually became the Islamic State, I think that this video (willfully?) neglects to mention some of the other factors that have led to this utter quagmire we've made for ourselves, such as:


Washington's old dog in Baghdad (Nouri al-Maliki) purging the government of Sunnis on trumped-up terrorism charges (as in the case of Rafi al-Issawi) and essentially greenlighting the summary arrest and detention of numerous Sunnis without charge for months and even years at a time, in addition to other abuses of the Sunni minority by Iraqi state security forces, including what basically amounts to indiscriminate, cold-blooded mass killings in the streets and mosques of Iraq (there are enough documented cases of this, don't say it hasn't happened/isn't happening);


Similar abuses against the Sunni civilian population at the hands of the Shi'a militias;


Similar abuses against Sunni civilians at the hands of the al-As'ad regime (often at the hands of other Sunnis loyal to the regime);




The Shi'a volunteer militias and the Iraqi army are basically the only people protecting the holy shrines right now, and I thank and respect them for that! One day (Insha'Allah!)I hope to visit the holy places and return with my head still on my shoulders, but unfortunately at this point don't think that will ever be possible (at least not in this life)...Nevertheless, we should be careful when we are presented with very simplistic and one-sided analyses of extremely complex and dangerous situations; buying into such clouds our ability to make informed, honest and critical evaluations of what is really going on...


As a final note, please do not insult me by taking my words as somehow approving or encouraging these Da'ish monsters; believe me, I hate them too! If I didn't have a family to raise and support basically on my own over here, I would be figuring out a way to bring a fight to them "over there" and hopefully send some of them back to hell, from whence they came...


Wa Allahu a'alam,



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