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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Strange Things In An Ordinary Life

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I am intrigued by something, something that I'm not even sure about its importance. I have had many strange spiritual experiences , some of which never got into my head when they happened..like I didn't understand what had happened and so I wasn't affected.  I have heard from a lot of people that you have such experiences when your goodness is more than your sins and that if you tell people about it, those things will cease to exist but somehow didn't believe those sayings..


Right from when I was a kid, standing for the daily national anthem recitation at school and spotting a big tiger roaming in a residential building nearby,  to see someone really tall lying on my bed so as to fit the bed's length, covered in one of our blankets from head to toe like a corpse..I have had strange but pleasant dreams where I was rescued by yelling Allah's name or reciting some surah or even calling out the Imam (ajtf) of our time.. every time some calamity was about to hurt me and as years passed by, I had constant feeling of someone standing by my side while I'm busy in the kitchen chopping vegetables..You know it's not like I have been thinking of such n such things so they 'appeared' to me out of my own subconscious mind, Allah knows that I never had the kind of stupid fascination about paranormal stuffs to actually feel them in reality..Just recently, I had been to my village where i got spooked by my SIL in the middle of night and developed some illness just days after than event. When one of the learned oldies of our village was called, he narrated how and what I went through that night and added a shocker that only my mom n mil knew about..He said that he knows i feel like I'm constantly surrounded by somebody and when I asked him how did he know that, he just refused to say anything more than that. My mom says that it's always been his policy that he never tells the full story to anyone rather just gives a taweez or remedy as per his wisdom (and he is not a cheater baba but is one of the most learned person of our community)..ever since my return, my MIL has been saying that now she feels more peaceful in my presence because, to put in her words, "whenever you entered the room, it felt like you weren't alone"! There has been another instance when I had woken up to pray tahajjud (rarely happens) and I felt like hearing some noises while i was in Qiyaam and ruku but that happened only during the first two rakaats so I just shrugged it off as my own misunderstanding..


I am not someone deeply religious, not the kind to recite ziyarat e ashura, dua e komayl or Quran most of the time..in fact I even struggle to pray the mandatory prayers but I do have a certain sense when I begin to look closely at life and think a lot about my relationship with Allah, of how it's deteriorating and how I'm losing my peace despite having everything beautiful at my disposal..I don't understand why did such things happen to me (nothing serious happens now, even the dreams are a lot stupid now) 


I don't know why have i written all this here, maybe some of you might think I have some psychotic problem but I swear, a lot of things have actually happened and its not a figment of my imagination at all.


Please do comment your honest opinions..

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