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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Need Your Reviews (Bros Welcomed)

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I don't really know the motive I'm posting my show's videos that are aired on a Shia Islamic Channel, maybe I really and desperately need your reviews as to how you think about my presentation skills so that I could improve myself for good. These videos are in Urdu language and I'm aware that a majority of the SC members belong to different countries. But all, I need to know is your views about my:-


1) Appearance (A lot of people think I look like a hardline extremist because "face veil isn't wajib then what's the need to appear on TV like this"...and I've also been told my kohled eyes look attractive but my intention to apply these is just to look more awake.. I wanna ask you'll, is it too much really????


2) Presentation:- I somewhere feel my confidence and overall body language isn't upto the mark..I really adore Zahra-al-Alawi but no matter how hard I try, I just don't find myself good enough...not even an iota of a decent public speaker :(


Please let me know your views about this work of mine, I really need to improve myself and as always, your comments do make a hell lot of difference in my approach towards various issues. (Brothers can post as well)




I'm eagerly awaiting your opinions, any sort of criticism is always welcomed..i really want to become better!



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Salam alikoum  dear sis, well I really like the way you put niqab on, although it limits you in someway because you say you want to show a lovable character like Zahra Alawi but it hides your facial expression, I dont think it will show even if you try so hard....

Please dont compare yourself to Zahra Alawi, you need to be your own self, have your own way, and that is the way to be successful. Be confident in what you do, everyone started in small steps, and success doesnt happen over night, you need to work for it to achieve it but also truly believe you can reach your goals.

I dont understand Urdu, so I cant give a full opinion. I wish you the best of luck in helping to spread the messege of Muhammad and his holy household, you dont know who your messege is getting across to!



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Salaam alaikun, a brother here. Well, I don't believe that you are a bad speaker, in fact you are actually quite decent and speak with clarity. While I may not be a public speaker myself, I do think that public speakers often don't use enough clarity in their speaking nowadays. Clarity makes it for me to follow the person when they speak, so I commend you for your clarity in speaking even though I could not understand Urdu.

Don't try to imitate Zahra Alawi, it will come off as being forced and insincere. Most important aspect is to be true to yourself, especially in public speaking.

Overall appearance is good but the kohl is not helping you appear more awake, you still look like you just got out of bed (No offense). I see no problem with you wearing niqaab although I agree with Irakiya that it limits your expression somewhat but you are interviewing so you should be fine but I would be a little concerned if you were speaking and the speech didn't have subtitles; Hearing impaired people would not understand the message you are trying to convey as you are wearing niqaab and they would not be able to read your lips. Just something to keep in consideration.

Your body language is calm and relaxed, which made me, the viewer also feel calm and relaxed. If you are nervous, stressed or uncomfortable it will show and make the viewer feel nervous, stressed and uncomfortable which makes anything difficult to watch as it is distracting. Also, don't try too hard, that also shows on the camera.

Sorry I couldn't give you a review content-wise but remember to take baby steps and be humble, you are doing well.


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First of all thanks for your genuine reviews, I have been waiting for replies but the lack of it just made me feel more nervous..so now I'm happy! Moreso, you both watched my show so patiently without understanding a word of it...it really means a lot to me, thanks once again!


I really do agree to what you both have said about my face veil that it limits my expressions but maybe when you know the reason behind, your perception might change a bit. I'm not really a Niqaabi person (i know it sounds hypocritical) but I didn't want to come on TV and be an object of public scrutiny or have a lot of men give more- than- needed importance to my facial features. I don't call myself a beauty but my appearance is a bit different than average Indians so I just didn't want the viewers to find any attraction in my complexion, lips etc. I don't know if that would make sense to you all but my friend who was an ex-anchor on this channel had a lot of stalkers who wanted to marry her and she even received strange requests..all that sounded too horrible to me, so I didn't want to be the next person and also, I'm too sensitive to deal with such things!

Overall appearance is good but the kohl is not helping you appear more awake, you still look like you just got out of bed (No offense). I see no problem with you wearing niqaab although 



I am really not offended by what you said about my eyes. I already agree that the natural drowsy look of my eyes is a fact I have to accept and live with..lol! Actually, I used to put a proper black kohl initially but someone told me it made my eyes look more attractive, so I started wearing this chocolate colored kohl that doesn't make it look like it's been kohled but maybe I'm not successful. I would appreciate if you could clear my doubt regarding this:- if i wear kohl with the intention just to make my eyes look more awake and lively, (not coz i want to beautify them), is that a sin even if I follow Agha Sistani who does deem it permissible 'if its not considered make up in common view ' ? 

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Salaam alaikun, Umm Ebrahim

I too follow Sayyid Sistani as my marja, but I don't know if it would count as a sin. If you like, I could write your question to www.Sistani.org for you but just to be on the safe side, I would forego the kohl if I feared that I would lead non-Mahram men to have lustful thoughts about me. Besides the chocolate kohl looks kind of messy and is distracting.

Shame about your friend, she did the right thing by retiring and I find your choice of wearing niqaab perfectly understandable; Keep wearing niqaab if you think your facial features will give you unwanted attention.

Fi Amanillah, I hope the best for you.

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I already got his reply on the matter and he said," It is permissible if it is not considered make up in common view," and here you have oldies who put kohl so me applying them doesn't make a difference. Another female speaker I know here said that it's not wrong if its just a couple of strokes on the lower waterline but it becomes haram if you kinda make it smokey, winged etc


When I look at myself without the face veil on TV while the set up is being created, I find myself more glowing or "Iranian" to be precise, so yeah I do feel my choice is perfectly apt for the situation!

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