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In the Name of God بسم الله

Allah's Mercy

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Brothers and sisters, salam alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakato. Coming from another forum, I've come across a certain questions that people never get the hang of so I thought this was the place.


When it comes to disabled people(genetically), as in someone who has downs syndrome from their birth, is this through predestination or free will?


I think the answer is the same for, is it predestination or free will when we are born into different families all around the world, some born into extravagant families and some into poverty and war.


Jazak Allah Khayr

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I think the issue of disabled child has nothing to do with free will nor predestination. generally speaking, we could only say a creature has a free will or it has not, provided that there is at least two choice in front of it and it choose one of them or is forced to take one .

so that a baby, before ha came to this world, was not confronted with any choice. and the current state and body, whether healthy or disabled, is all out of Allah determination.

but, it does not even imply that Allah was not (Nauz Bellah) merciful to provide him with what other babies already have. Rather, we have to trace back the cause somewhere else.

This world, however, is the world of cause and effect. All creatures in this world are subject to the effects of this ruling. when the light of blessing of God is going to take shape in material world follow the rule that God himself placed in this world. Consider it is raining out side and everybody has taken a bowl in order to collect rain water. the larger bowl the larger amount of water. the cleaner the bowl the cleaner water they collect in their bowl. No body could accuse Sky (for example) that it was not generous to me, I own less than others and so and so.. . there is no doubt that Allah is All merciful all omnipotent. All deficiency and shortage  we see in this world comes back to our capability and capacity of receiving His mercy.

But, that is very amazing that His generosity could not overlook what these babies are experiencing in this world from suffering etc. There are lots of Ahadith that such disabled promised a great blessings of God in after world.

May Allah bless all disabled in their life.

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All goodness is from Allah and all evil is from us. 


Allah did not create Adam with an illness. People who are born with an illness are born that way because of their parents or lineage, something artificial happens or the gene pool becomes limited and as a result babies with defects are born.

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As-Salaamu Alaykum


Firstly this issue is completely involved with the matter of causality which is a principle of this world. Secondly there is special tests for everyone and such calamities and disabilities - that are not infinite - could be supposed as test for those who are so.



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