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In the Name of God بسم الله

مسلسل غريب طوس

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I tried to type this in Arabic but it was quite difficult especially that the words will still started on the left..

Anyway, my question is of curiosity mostly,

I really liked watching the series Ghareeb Tous but was wondering if all the main characters are real or if there is some fiction mixed in.

My questions are regarding the following characters, if they truly existed, and if those were their stories/ roles:

1- the wife of Fadel bin Sahl (Azarthokht)

2- Amr (Raja bin Al Dahhak's son in law)

3- Tahira (the wife of Ibin Aqeel)

I tried to research but couldn't find anything online, therefore, wondering if there are books you can guide me to.



Oh sorry

I meant Amr (as son of Rajas Al Dahhak) & son in law of Fadel bin Sahl (married to Julnaz, Fadel's daughter..)


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