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Wudu, Ghusl, Prayer (Starting To Pray)

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Salam Alaikoum,


I would like to give a brief history on my situation before seeking assistance.


I am a shi'i muslim born, but my parents weren't practicing muslims and didn't teach me the steps for prayers. We were living in a sunni muslim country early in my life. I learned the steps for prayers the sunni way back then. However, in my early teen age year, we moved to another country with no islamic teaching in school. All these things, in addition to laziness by me, has led me to not pray.


So currently I am in my mid 20s and I decided to start praying. Most guides state extra optional things to do before and during prayers. I don't wish to do the extra optional things at this stage. So my understanding is that these are the compulsory steps.




1- Immerse whole body in water (Does a bath in the bathroom work?)


1- clean every najasat (semen)

2- Wash head to neck

3- Wash right side of body from shoulder to foot

4- Wash left side of body from shoulder to foot



1- Niyya: I am seeking closeness to Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì

2- Wash face completely from forehead to chin using right hand

3- Wash right arm completely from elbow to finger-tips using left hand

4- Wash left arm completely from elbow to finger-tips using right hand

Don't use extra water after here

5- Use right hand to wash from the top of your head till just before forehead

6- Use right hand to wash your right foot from toe-tips till ankle

7- Use left hand to wash your left foot from toe-tips till ankle


Does any marjeh allow shower without wudu?




I- Rakah 1:

1- Niyya: I offer this [prayer-name] prayer [number-of-rak3at] rak3at seeking closeness to Allah

2- Stand. Lift hand to ear. AllahuAkbar

3- Arms down say Fatiha then Ikhlas

4- AllahuAkbar

5- Ruku3. Subahana rabiya al 3azeem wa bihamdih

6- Stand. Sami3a Allah li man hamida. AllahuAkbar

7- Sujud. Subhana rabiya al A3la wa bihamdih

8- Sit. AllahuAkbar

9- Repeat 7 and 8


II: Rakah 2:

1- Repeat step 2-9 from Rakah 1

2- Tashahud

3- In Fajr only: Finishing


III: Rakah 3:

1- Repeat step 2-9 from Rakah 1 but in step 3 no Ikhlas.

2- In Maghrib only: Tashahud  + Finishing


IV: Rakah 4:

1- Repeat step 2-9 from Rakah 1 but in step 3 no Ikhlas.

2- Tashahud + Finishing



1- Ashhadu ana la illaha ila Allah wahdahoo la sharika lahoo.

2- Ashhdu ana mohamadan abduhu wa Rasoolahu.

3- Allahuma Salli 3ala Mohamad w 3ala alee Mohamad.



1- Assalamu 3alayka ayuhu al nabiyo wa rahmatu Allahi wa barakatuh

2- Assalamu 3alayna wa 3ala 3ibadi Allah saleheen

3- Assalamu Alaykom wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu



If i want to do missed prayers, do I have to say anything extra? Also do I have to do the missed prayer at the same timeslot of the actual prayer or at anytime?



I would like from anyone to check if there is any mistake in them and answer the extra questions I have asked. Please make sure that I didn't miss any compulsory oral or physical action.


Thank you

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