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In the Name of God بسم الله

Where Are You :'(

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I really miss my Imam...

I miss him dearly..

Theres injustice everywhere..

Any honest man can see it clearly..

So much suffering, so much misery..

From North America all the way to sham..

Zionist politicians finding different ways to attack Islam..

Racism against minorities here is a common sight..

Blacks are killed, their killers roam free because they're white.

There's so much poverty, some don't have a place to sleep at night.

Yet the only thing Washington cares about is its military might.

Billions of dollars go to support Israel, to congresses delight..

Saudi Arabia is our friend, a kingdom that denies women their right..

A lot of things are wrong, but nobody seems to care..

Smoke from phosphorus bombs fills the air..

A person is targeted and killed, their crime: doing Prayer

Finding a true companion is also hard. They seem to be few and rare.

Why is everything so upside down? Why is everything so unfair?

All the suffering, the hopelessness, and the despair...

Where are the people of the world? Aren't they aware?

Our Imams return seems very near.

Shouldn't we all prepare?

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Nice poem indeed :) Here is the answer to it.





Falsehood's become truth ... and chaos has spread
Liars are upheld ... and good mouths are well weld
Wisdom deserted all ... but a sleepless few
Trance became the norm ... and to reality blindness wed
No free thinking was left ... so long as they were fed
Sleep sheep they became ... buried in a borrowed bed
Wake up and uphold … what God’s always said:
   Don’t step over others ... to reach a higher end
   Love each other so ... to the Truth you’d be led
God >
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