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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Serious Question To Ladies

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First of i want you to think in a human way, not in what muslims are supposed to do or not do.

My question is as follows:

Would you consider to have a relationship with someone having some illness such as, cancer, juvenile diabetes, or other disease that requires them to take medications daily, that they can't do anything about.

Please be honest in your answer

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If you think that you can marry and have a life with her, then why not? If the medical problem grew worse and she passed away, you would be alone. However, none of us knows how long we will live, so that is not important. What is important is that you not marry her because you feel sorry for her. She wouldn't be happy if you only married her because you pity her. Another problem would be if she could not have children or if having a child would be dangerous for her. If you are ok with that, then take precaution not to have children. People who are happy with their marriage can live through hardships together. InshaAllah.

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If someone has a medical issue, they should let the future spouse know before the marriage, because they need to know the truth. If many women would not marry a man with a medical problem, there is always hope that one woman would recognize his good characteristics and say yes.

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As long as the man is respectful man I wouldnt Mind his medical conditions simply because its not his choice so I cant blame him or judge him for the condition givin from Allah. I Would be happy to support him and be his roc and I wouldnt treat him differently then any other human Being. Everybody comes with a package, so a medical condition is not the worse package a man can have in My opinion. A healthy man who is disrespectful and lacks a good character is the worse kind. Of course One has to be ready that it can be challenging and you need to be a really strong woman to stand behind the man and not let it get the best out of you. I have family members that I cherish who suffered Severe illness like multi strokes so I understand how difficult and frustrating it can be but at the same time we gained so much out of it, not did it only bring us closer to each other since I always have to take care of the person so we did everything together but Also it made us better human beings, more appraciative and Also it put life in perspective. We Know what really matters and what really is important in life. So it is about perspective, if you see the medical condition as an obstacle that is what it Will be.

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Salam Aleikum


I dont care about that whether my husband has medical issue or ability.

Really on this earth nobody is perfect. I admire strong woman and man who

marry someone with medical issue or disability but because of special character.

In this life we all have to go through all lessons and obstacles. Everything in this life

is like light or heavy examination which we have to try to pass.

Allah swt. test how much we give effort with our good action.

I am disabled too and my husband know my disability but he dont care about my disability

and loves me so as I am. It is very important for him that he can share with me the same faith

to Allah swt.! That is why he wanted to marry me. My husband and I understand each other very good.

He never let me feel I am disabled. I am precious for him. He loves to be my husband forever.

He is proud to have me as his muslima wife.


Really no matter before or after. It is always in this marriage that his partner get disablity or heavy serious

sickness. Or of heavy disabled kid and so further! Or the husband got serious accident where his face is defaced forever.

Alot of partner went away therefore and cant manage such obstacles. That is never love! That is why asking isnt before marriage!

Marriage is the serious meaning for good and bad time so and sickness! Marriage isnt like only sunrise! Alot of obstacles will

come through all marriage between man and woman! Before man and woman want to get wed they shall consider thorough

whether they will manage big serious obstacles or not!

That is the same issue before and after marriage! Honesty and trust so as the love together are the most important condition

for marriage between man and woman!

Just in paradise we all will be perfect without errors and issues! Allah swt. will reward us if we give much effort to do the best

for our lives in this earth!





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Salam Aleikum


not really! Because I am converted from catholic to shia.

No matter christians or muslimes. That are the same without difference!

You think that is typical way of Muslime! That isnt true!

It depends serious on character of people!

All what I respond to your asking that is common and true!

I know some christians people whether man or woman with strong character

loves the another with sickness or disability!

What  has that got to do with anything? Muslime or Christian back and forth?

You want to know about that and I give you respond as woman first then as believer or Muslima

whatever you want to mention.

It is a fact that you arent the person who think in this way because you cant imagine to love

anyone with serious sickness or disability. Really it isnt my place to say like that.

It is ok that you cant accept that.

Each to their own!

But my next respond is my way as Muslime in this case then I see christians and muslimes have the same aim to

pray to God / Allah to give effort going to paradise after death.  


I say always looking isnt everything because I know about what I talk because woman or man want to marry the "perfect"

partner. The most imagined partner physically is hollow without content and with increased age beauty will go away.

Empty and meaningless but character is for long life. It depends on of view of anyone to see in his partner.

I can maintain that every woman is special on his kind by way of Allah! Allah swt. hasnt created for nothing. We shall see

the way Allah does first. Subhana-illah!


Wasalam forgive me!

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