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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

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SallamAlikum, first of all I want to thank the people who have been answering my question and really helping me learn. May God bless you.


My question I have now, it's quite personal:


I am a student right now and studying Criminal Justice, I have a job that is waiting for me to help me get my foot in door for

when I graduate (IA) as Assets Protection. But just recently I've been really wanting to go to Hawza, and study this beautiful 



The more I think about it, I end up going back to really wanting to go to Hawza and do something that involves educating Islam

and such. If I were to go to Hawza it would be in London (I reside in the U.S): http://www.islamic-college.ac.uk 

With Allah's help and guidance, what can I possibly be or do with a Islamic Studies degree? Is there jobs out there for sisters 

in this field? I want to do something that will spread the Message of the Holy Prophet and his Holy Progeny. But of course at 

same time; I need to make a living. 


Also, let's be honest; I do want to get married...I'm afraid I won't have a good Muslim brother to marry because I am CJ major. Although know this is my interest and didn't find interest in anything else. And I for sure won't force myself to do something I don't like.  


Wallah, I am lost and don't know what to do. I just need opinions, should I just stick with finishing my education in CJ and do 

something in that field. Or should I just go for it and study my religion and try to find something to do in the Islamic Studies field.


My Allah Guide us all to the path he sees is right for us and make him proud.

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with the way things are now, It would be more practical to get your program completed, so you can be qualified for a job. 

It would also make you more attractive as a marriage prospect. 

I think it would also be easier for you to go to hawza once you get married because you won't have to worry about your other duties, should you complete school.

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I think it partly depends on how far along you are with your degree.  If you're currently in year 2 out of 4, then maybe you should just go to hawza starting in the autumn (if it's what you really want).  You could always come back and finish your current degree later if you wanted (or some other degree).


I have to admit, I find criminal justice to be an unusual major to pick for girls (and also guys to some extent)... just because what comes to mind for me (as someone who doesn't really know much about what the degree entails) is having to study criminals, violence, etc.  I think constantly having to deal with troublemakers takes a toll on a person, so as an extreme example, I certainly wouldn't want to be married to a prison guard (I'm guessing some CJ majors go on to do that?).


I had to google Assets Protection to see what it meant - does it mean you would work at say a department store and help them devise policies to minimize theft?  That sounds alright.



Regarding an Islamic Studies degree, I think there are some jobs out there, but a problem with a lot of "liberal arts" topic degrees nowadays is that there are more people graduating with PhDs in such disciplines than there are spots for new professors... so people with PhDs probably end up applying for those jobs as well.  


I think some jobs would be: working at museums, book publishers, translation services, mosque-related work.  You could probably also teach Arabic and/or Islamic topics, but that's often done for free I think?  I've heard that some people make good money by teaching Arabic online... but native Arabic speakers would have an advantage, and it might be a competitive market.


However, even if you couldn't find a job with a hawza degree, you could probably just do a degree like an MPA (Master of Public Administration), MPP (Master of Public Policy), or MBA (Master of Business Administration) afterward... those are usually only 1 or 2 year degrees.


And there would be other benefits of an Islamic Studies degree -- I'm guessing it would make it easier to find a religious husband, and you would learn a lot, and could teach your kids in the future, etc.  


If you later want to work at a large company though, someone looking at the resume might pass you over because of it (unfortunately, but I think it's a reality)... but if you got an MBA/MPP/etc. later, you could just leave the hawza degree off the resume (and could also do something part-time during that time, so that time period isn't empty later).  



Also, perhaps another option could be to do an "interdisciplinary major"?  Some universities sort of let students "create their own major".  I don't quite know what that involves, but I think it's when you can combine related fields, like say sociology & poli sci, or maybe history and sociology, etc.  But a risk might be that companies when hiring wouldn't quite understand what they were looking at (on your resume), because they couldn't simply just say "Okay, this person can go work in Assets Protection".  


Again though, you could do a degree like that to study what you want, and then afterward if needed, get an MPA/MPP/MBA (or some other degree you like... there are a lot of different 1 to 3 year Master's degrees nowadays).


Another trend I've noticed recently is of people getting 4-year university degrees, and then getting 1 year community college diplomas in specific "applied" areas... so someone with an arts degree might go on to a CC diploma in a topic like marketing, design, PR, journalism, etc.


Good luck!

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You should finish your university education or you can continue to study your degree along with part time Howza.




The Howza Ilmiyya England is at the  same place as the Islamic college. 


I am also doing my law degree and I have applied for part time Howza studies. 


The only thing you can do with Howza knowledge is teach it to others I think, so you can become a teacher at an Islamic institution or Howza.


The way I see it why not make your interest your career? that way you will enjoy doing what you love. So I too am going to be making religion my life career and I don't want to force myself into a career that I don't like (Law). 


So I recommend you graduate and then study at the Howza here in London, the Howza also provides accommodation for Sisters inside the Howza. For brothers they rent houses outside.

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