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In the Name of God بسم الله

Islam Is Against Sex Slavery

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There's definitely some twisted (edited out) in Sahih al-Bukhari for sure, and other Sunni books...


As a community, we should be prepared, willing and able to refute these arguments and sources, because our true enemies are using the very same to justify every form of evil on the face of this Earth in the name of Islam. Critics of Islam then claim that the apparent silence of the moderate majority of Muslims (who are either too terrified to say/do anything or have other reasons to stay out of it) indicates our tacit approval of this very evil thing and very evil people...


Doesn't it all just make you so furious?



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I dragged myself to read that c-rap.

I see many logical fallacies in that.

It starts off badly accusing Muhammad(S). However, provides zero proof.

Bilal who delivered Azan, was infact a freed slave.

There are some verses that says Allah has made lawful, the slaves. It is permitted. It is not encouraged.

Furthermore, Islam does not understand slavery like christians do. Slaves have better treatment and status in Islam than anywhere. They have to be cared for. Islam even allows muslims to MARRY slaves. Thats as equality as it can get for slaves. How many christian invaders married african or native american women? Infact slaves have such rights that the Mamelukes even became rulers of Egypt. It shows that slaves have opportunity in islam.


For many years until recently the Catholic Church sanctioned slavery although some opposed it, Portugal had asked the church's permission to colonise Brazil. Although many in church opposed slavery.


Since, they were obviously christian, naybe they forgot that the Bible sanctions slavery.


The New Testament itself is silent about the topic.

When the crusaders came they enslaved all non-christians. And killed any who did not convert.

In comparasion, the muslim Warrior Salahaddin allowed many frank slaves to be free at cheap ransom. His brother bought the freedom of a thousand frank slaves. Yes thats islam.

Most of the cases in islam, slaves are prisoner of war. The ottoman empire gave christian in captured land the chance to be productive. Some even got the chance to join the legendary jannisaries. Yep thats what slavery is in islam.

Ofcourse christians would be hostile to us because we let prisoners of wars to leave. The bible(OT) commands Israelites to kill evryone without mercy. Lets see what 1Samuel has to say about israel's enemies.

1 Samuel 15:3 “Go and attack the Amalekites!

Destroy them and all their possessions. Don’t

have any pity. Kill their men, women, children,

and even their babies. Slaughter their cattle,

sheep, camels, and donkeys.”

Remeber this my brothers. "Kill their men,women, childern and even their babies." That christian site is probably unhappy that we do not kill children and babies. How rude of us muslims to show mercy.

Finally, to finish things, the hadiths are never reliable. And the ummayad and abbasid dynasty abused their authority over slaves.

*if any christian is reading this: christians in my post refers to the christians of that site who are slandering us. Im sorry, i have to protect my religion.

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One more thing.

In an interesting attempt to "refute" us, they might say, "Why doesnt islam let the people of captured land to leave."

Well, during the middle age, there was no globalisation or anti-racism campaign. Racism and far worse, tribalism was the status quo. The Romans thought everyone apart from them were savage, sub-humans. Other civilizations or tribes had similar attitude. It was practically a death sentence. Yet islam allows them not only being a part of muslim community but also the opportunity to to improve their lives.

And i think that just about wraps up this discussion.

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It's best to stay away from these kinds of websites. They obviously have no interest in providing a balanced view of slavery (or any other issue) in Islam. But yes, it is perfectly obvious that Islam allowed slavery, and that the Prophet (pbuh) and Imams (as) owned slaves. It is also clear that sexual relations with female slaves was permitted and practiced. On the other hand, Islam also provided many rights to slaves, and encouraged freeing slaves in many situations. A large part of the problem with this discussion is that when people think of the word 'slave', they associate to it images that have nothing to do with the Islamic conception of slavery.

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The website accused Muhammad(S) of involving in slave trade and more.

Theres no permission of slave trade in the verses. And something being permitted does not mean that it has to be done. Theres absolutely no proof that Muhammad(S) did. Some historians might point out that he had a relation with Maria but thats very sketchy.

@Haydar- i am confident that i pretty much broke down their arguments. Those people of that site were christians and i pointed out that bible sanctioned slavery, bible also commands israelites to kill women, children and infants. We muslims cant do that. Exiling them at that time was not a liable option too and ihave given that reason too. I am fairly confident the argument can be put to rest..

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Just curious to know if we Muslims can still practise slaverly and have intercoures with them


No, since slavery no longer exists as an open institution. It is also not allowed to capture slaves other than in a jihad led by an infallible. When slavery still existed, people could buy slaves, but that is no longer possible. You also have to keep in mind the negative effect that it would have on the image of the religion. Lastly, in the past slavery was a normal part of human civilisation. Getting captured as a slave was just one of the world's hazards. However, it has now become something completely impossible to imagine or to accept, and anyone taken as a slave would probably suffer immense psychological harm. The most merciful thing to do would therefore to free such a person, whereas in the past living as a slave was not necessarily a bad thing, since it at least ensured you had food; clothing, and shelter, which were by no means sure things otherwise.

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Islam doesn't encourage slavery.Imam Ali as said "ur Lord created u free,so don't be a slave." There is also an emphasis in Quran and Sunna on freeing slaves,see some kaffarah rulings.I think this shows that Islam wanted to abandon that institution step by step.

In Quran translations the word slave is used for different arabic terms which don't mean slaves like the term is defined in western languages and culture.

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Here is a short discussion of the issue of slavery in Islam, although there are some inaccuracies. For example, Islam was not the first religion to bring in rules for slavery. The Bible, for instance, contains many rules (e.g. Exodus 21). His statement about their only being one source of slavery in Islam, namely prisoners of war, while technically accurate, is misleading since it was allowed to buy slaves enslaved by other means. So the restriction only a direct one, not an indirect one. I also have the feeling that the audience will not have understood how many slaves were captured as prisoners of war, and what the requirements were for being considered at war with Muslims. Obviously the impression being given is of soldiers captured on the battlefield who were actively fighting against Muslims, when this was not the only situation in which they would be captured (under such conditions there would hardly have been any female slaves). However, it is very hard for many Muslims (even ones trained in Western academia such as Yasir Qadhi) to be completely factual and honest when speaking about sensitive issues within Islam. To his credit, he didn't go down the completely apologetic line like many do, but it could nevertheless have been a little more accurate.

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