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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

West's Treatment Of Women.

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Part of the speech is about this interview:




MS: What do you see as some of the most serious problems and issues that women around the world currently face?


JC: Well, the most horrible is the one I just mentioned to you - you know, we lost maybe 40 million people in the 2nd World War, and we've lost four times that many, in this generation, to the murder of little girl babies by their parents. Either after they are born they strangle them, or they kill them when they're fetuses - now that they have the sonograms available in the poorest communities and they can detect the sex of the baby before it's born. That is the most horrendous of all.

The second one is international human trafficking or slavery, which far exceeds whatever it ever was in the nineteenth century out of Africa. And this occurs in our country as well - the state department has to issue now an annual report, and they reported that 800,000 people were sold across international borders last year. And 80% of those were girls being sold into sexual slavery. Atlanta is a key place in America for this slavery because we have the biggest airport on Earth. And a lot of our passage come from the southern hemisphere. So a girl can be bought cheaply. The average price for a girl out of Africa or Latin America is only about $1,000, whereas if you get a girl out of Europe, for instance, she might cost as much as $8,000. So that means that we have a tremendous problem in this country of trafficking or human slavery. And this is worldwide.

And another thing - this happens in America of course - is a gross abuse of girls on campuses of our great universities, including the most distinguished ones of all. And these are basically unpunished because the college administrators, the presidents and deans, don't want to bring discredit to their campus by having a girl take legal action that would publicize the rape. So what happens is, and this is all covered in the book, with quoting people who know, is that the boys who are inclined toward rape, when they get on the campus, they very quickly realize they can do it with impunity. So about half of the total rapes on campuses now are done by serial rapists. But they never are punished.

And you've seen a lot of stories recently in the news about the military. A couple years ago in 2012 there were 36,000 cases of sexual abuse in the military units, and only about 300 and something of those have resulted in any punishment, which is about 1 percent.

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