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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

People Believe That Our Imams(As) Can Cure?

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Student of Islamic Studies : " If Imam as a Imam without Intention as a  Rehbar ( Guide ) from Allah, it is of no use and I am sure he can't change this world. "


There is " Hussain Tekri " in Ujjain ( India ) .. it is called as " Shifa Khana Imam Hussain (as) " in english " Hospital of Imam Hussain (as) " .. many are getting cured from there.


But i am getting cured in home, you know how ?


I am usually getting pain in eyes bcoz sitting a lot of time on computer working. I read in a book Imam Ali (as) said " put hand on that eye and recite Ayat Al Kursi , it will cure your pain ". And you know every time i am getting cured. So its all depends on how much believe you have on your  Allah and Imam.


If you just go to ask from Imam without Intention to get close to Allah through Imam then it is of no use.


Visiting Shrine of Messengers of Allah , Imams of Allah, Auliya of Allah is having great Thwab, and for sure it will change heart and make them more polite.

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I highly doubt people actually BELIEVE that an Imam cures them (by themselves with no help) because that belief in itself is silly and ignorant for anyone who is a Muslim.

I'm pretty sure that what you hear is that through their shafa'a (intercession) people get cured. That means that due to their high status in the eyes of Allah swt, Allah has accepted their shafa'a meaning that when people ask them for something it is like when you ask someone else to make dua'a for you, like your mom, friend etc...


I know you may think that those people are alive but the Imams are not, well due that is one of the blessings they get for having achieved a high rank, the fact that they can still listen and ask Allah swt to answer to your prayer. Obviously the ultimate will is Allah's and the Imams can never do anything except by the will of Allah, but this is implicit already so when you hear someone saying to go and ask Imam Reda (as) to give you such and such, they are telling you that he is so beloved by Allah (Swt) that chances are Allah will accept his prayer. 


It just like when you are looking for a job and you have a very good friend who tells you that they are hiring at his company and due to his good record, and good relationship with the boss, he is asking the boss to give you a chance, and the boss actually accepts to hire you based on the recommendation of your friend (so ur friend interceded for you) but it was mainly due to the help of your friend that you will have the chance to work there.


But that is just a very mundane example, but the concept is the same, it doesn't make sense to say it is SHIRK to ask for something to other than Allah swt when HE himself has authorized that, as long as we don't ever believe that a person is ever independent from him.


Anyway if you are interested in understanding this thoroughly, you can find all the answers here:





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Some people in Iran believe that imam Retha(as) can cure diseases and will asnwer their prayers. is this true, or is this just a misconception that is only practicised by a very few shias. if so then is this called shirk, because form what i know that only Allah will respond to prayers.

A ruling is passed based on your limited knowledge - You will fit right in on Shiachat. Welcome!

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