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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Is There More Peace From Yoga Or Salat Or Same?

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hello, me again...Is there more peace from yoga or salat or the same?


is there any difference between the state of peacefulness each gives?


we must research on salat, just like the western scientists do on yoga, for good

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Edit: my question is actually on yoga & salat, & not on yoga & islam. it was a typing error. A muslim brother recently said yoga is more peaceful than salat, which is why I asked this question. 


there are lots of researches on yoga going on, but no research on salat which is also miraculous. We have to research on salat in a proper way so that non-muslims get to know it


links to yoga research: http://nccam.nih.gov/health/yoga/introduction.htm


we need to RESEARCH ON SALAT as well..



scientists attach devices to the head & body to research on yoga & meditation...

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Yoga is more of a physical thing ,  while Salat is more spiritual , but they almost both have the same purpose . The word ''Yoga'' in sanskrit means ''to connect'', so they connect their physicality with their spirituality .

''Salat'' also means ''to connect'' , but we connect our souls to Allah , its more spiritual . But it also have some physical involved as we stand up and bow down 

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Salam Brother enamulhaq,


Welcome to the forum.


It is nice to see an enthusiast fellow who are willing to spread the voice and teaching of Islam, especially the Ahlul-Bayt path. But, before you go spread the words, how are you doing brother? how's your salat? how's your akhlaq? rather you go gung-ho to other faith territory, why don't you sit down with us, have a chat with us, looks at previous thread for knowledge that might be beneficial for you.


To answer your question.

1. Reward wise. it's totally a different thing, especially if you're asking about the peace that can be achieve. I don't know what yoga can achieve beside body and mind relaxation. But, Shalat, can save you from hell-fire... in a mean, if you leave your shalat, which is an order from Allah SWT. that means you being disobedient to Allah. And where would a person who disobedient to Allah go? ... 


2. Source wise. If you spend some time in google, you'll find people SPECULATED who started yoga. While Shalat, we have pretty accurate data for where it came from. 


3. Medical benefit. again, if you spend some time in google, you'll find there are numerous research on medical benefits in Shalat. Though i found some source from Ibn Qayyim ...


The reason i'm a bit worry with you brother, you're questioning this... and your friend said yoga more peaceful then shalat?... You know our Imam (as) have this saying," measure a man from his friends". and do you know that Jihad, in term start a fight, is obligatory when an Imam is present. When Imam not present our Jihad goes to defensive mode... i might be wrong about this, so please correct me. 


So, again, i'm new, you're new... lets learn a bit more... lets not embarrassed our imams.



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As per my believes whenever you will started treating one thing as second thing, the spirit will lost. Yoga is an excercise, while Salaat is Obedience. Salaat is not making Allah more powerful or Strong or make his Rank more high, Salaat is for human to make his Rank high, his brain capable to concentrate, Focus.


There is already so many things are recommended by Hazrat Ali (as) and other Imam (as)

  • Massage with oil in head as well as on body.
  • Bath with light hot water
  • Drink water after 20-30 minute after meal
  • Play outdoor games
  • Exercise to make body flexible and strong
  • Zikr to give more concentration ( it makes brain sharp )

a lot of things are there but we most of the time reading and forgetting bcoz they are not in practice.


There is not a single goodness which is not in Islam and conveyed to us. Yoga is an exercise and that is recommended already. 


One Student of Islamic studies told us re-packing of all Islamic goodness in new Packs with new tags are done by West, bcoz they have media they are expressing in such a way that our own people are getting fascinated by same thing which they have in there Book shelf.


An example : Rasool Allah (Saw) said for knowledge even if you have to move upto china then go ahead. ( This hadith i heard so many times , so if it is not authentic take it as a normal example )  But 90% of our youth want to study in there own cities and not want to face hard life outside home. After age passed they started blaming there own city, this city have no good education otherwise i will become this and that.


Islam is the only religion which enters in home, bedroom, toilet, when you are alone , or in party , wherever you are islam will go there to teach you .. how to sit, how to stand, when to go , where to go , how to talk , when to talk etc .. and that is why those who are not able to achieve humanity they tried to ran off. And they also attack so that others too not follow.


What is more peaceful now you can judge yourself. Yoga is a re-packed product recommended by Islam 1400 years back. But  we love holding Apple in hand more then eating it. :P

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its relative to what you believe in.....but yes for a muslim salat should be more peacefull and spritual.


to be spritual or a state of peacefullnes is a feeling, and one can find different paths to get there. Muslims do it with salat, a buddist with meditation, a hindu with his puja and a musician may be through his music. So it simply depends on a person and his believes.

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