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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Who Am I?

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If i am sitting in ferrari and i am ill then there is no benefit I can get from ferrari. I need to be fit and healthy before i could enjoy other things. If ferrari is your body and you are your soul the same concept apply. If your soul is lost you cant enjoy your body, no matter what you do. In short we are much deeper than our body. If deeper part is in pain there is no way you could remove it by superficial band aid.

But question is who am i and where is my soul?

When you start asking yourself where am I? Who am I? and look into your self, you will sense a life within you and you will find yourself limitless, timeless, beyound any boundary.

But when you sense a life within you soon you feel a lot of resistance which is ego. Ego does not allow you to observe yourself. Ego is a shell which we have associted with ourselves instead of our true selves. As we grow older and older we continue to grow our ego because we associate more of this world with ourselves.

Education of building ego startes in our childhood when a child cant let go of his toys because they think that they are 'mine' so they start building up this 'I ness' in everything and start to identify himself with these things. With age this 'I' starts to grow because elder person has more things in this world by which he could identify himself with. So in egoistic person 'I' dominates his true self. His true self is caged by 'I'. Although you can sense ur true self for a very short time if you try but you cant hold it for long to observe it. Ego does not allow you to be free.

This is the freedom which is mentioned in islam. To know yourself, first you have to kill your every ego until what remain of you is your true self and you become like a new born baby who knows everything. Like it is said somewhere that when we were babies we knew everything but then we forgot.

What does praying achieve?

Praying to one God achieve the same. When we are sincerely praying we forget everything else and what ever we have we want to share with our lord. It is like when a child gets a toy and he starts sharing with other children. Thats why sacrifice is so important in every religion specially in Shia islam so that we could be free.

Brothers and sisters this is just my opinion which might be wrong. please correct me and If you liked it more will come.


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This is very true, the heart is not just hardened by the sins but by the ego which is very selfish. I think its very important to step back and reflect on oneself instead of being so mesmerised by this life. Ofcourse it is much easier said than done because we all have desires and wants. You have to go through tests and trials till your ego shatters and this involves alot of pain.

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