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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Ashoura And Prophet Muhammad: A Personal Problem

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Assalam Alaykum Brothers and Sisters.


During Tasoo'a, I thought of the Holy messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) during a Majlis, his great moral qualities, and his undying devotion to Allah, and immediately tears began to accumulate in my eyes. whenever I think of his green dome, I feel a spiritual feeling unlike anything else.


I thought of how he cried when he sometimes saw the young Imam Hussain (because he knew of his sacrifice) and would play with Imam Hussain when he was a child. I thought of how in the Holy Prophet's deathbed, Imam Hussain and Imam Hassan were crying next to his Eminence and awaiting the death of the greatest man who ever lived :cry:


I thought of Bibi Zaynab (as)  and I began to cry about how she would with worry watch over the event of Karbala from the hilltop. I cried about how she would be paraded in Damascus by the animals and the Damascans would think they were captured Christians, because her Hijab was snatched from her.


I thought about Imam Zaynul Abideen(as) and about how he was too frail to fight in Karbala. I thought about how he had to stand by as he watched his father, his brothers, and his cousins all fight and die, him unable to help them. I thought about how he was in such bad conditions and that he was in shackles and beaten to move. I thought about how whenever he saw water for the rest of his life he would cry and would cry because of the injustice done to him, yet he never surrendered his undying devotion to Allah. He was always in Sujda, hence his honorific name Sajjad. I thought about how kind he was and that he smiled often, despite the terrible atrocities committed against him. :cry:


I cried at all of these, but not a single tear would accumulate in my eye because of Imam Al Hussain. Astaqfirullah. Look at how Shaytaan has infiltrated my heart!



Can you please give a few hadith from the Imams about how one can create a love in his heart for Imam al Hussayn? I think one of the reasons is that I don't have a good understanding of Imam Hussayn's life and character from other than the tragedy of Karbala. Can you please link some books about the life and character of Imam al Hussain?


May Allah accept your prayers

Assalamu Alaykum!

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I think if you think about his previlag that mentioned by the messenger of Allah and calamities that he beared you cry unintentionally. The messenger of Allah says husain of me and I from Husain. In another traditiona The messenger of Allah says surely Husain is the light of guidance and the ship of salvation.

He lost his sons and companions for the sake of Allah.

I refer you to the book of lohoof written by In taoos.

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