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In the Name of God بسم الله
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I'm Done. You Disgust Me. Rape .

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Firstly , i want to discuss something , that many people are abusing.

I hear people saying things like

1- a man doesn't need consent to Marry a second wife (temporary or permanently)

2- a man can pressurise his wife/force her to have intercourse with him

I just want to point out that just because there are some females out there wanting a sisterly wife , allowing a polygamous marriage to occur , not all do. And this can creat UNBELIEVABLE a fitna.

If you force a female to accept that sort of marriage, jealousy & hate is bound to take place. You may selfishly say that jealousy and envy is HARRAM, but what is more harram than being the culprit of that jealousy?

It's haram to make your wife jealous.

It's painful for us females.

In the Quran it says you may marry 4, but you have to treat them equally. However you won't even if you tried.

Now what does that show?

A man does have the ability to create equality financially amongst two wives , but never share that fair love.

That's what the Quran is referring to.

It's crazy how some people can be so oppressive to women. We cook . Clean. Our physical appearance starts to diminish , and you think that you can go away & get another wife , like we're some light bulbs that you replace when we wane

This isn't justicious . It's very oppressive. What person wants to live this life .

How can a person go & marry a second with a stupid intention of being fair, when he wasn't even fair to his first wife by not asking her for consent ?!

& another thing. How can someone go and think that it's okay for him to rape his wife !

His wife !

We are taught to live peacefully & securely by wearing hijab . But then you turn around once you're married to a female & pressurise her or force her to have sex with you.

I can't emphasise on how rape can traumatise ones life . One's psychology. If the penalty of raping a random girl is death, how can marital rape ever be justified?

May Allah protect you women & men.

That is all I have to say. I am disgusted by this. We are to disunited and it's so easy to become victims .

I hear clerics TRYING to justify that sort of behaviour by saying , a man goes out for months to fight for his country, well it's sad because the females in that country are being mentally/verbally & physically abused.

Imam Jafar Al Sadiq says- do not cheat the one's that trust you.

Just because men are maintainers of women it doesn't mean you're the boss and were youre slave. It just means you're that physically built figure that can protect us and provide for us.

Nothing more, nothing less.

I just want you to think about that a really.

Contemplate about the females that you've hurt with your spiteful words or actions.

Why would you want to hurt the one who carried you or your child for 9 months, where heaven lies under feet?

Why would you want to hurt the one that opened the doors of heaven for your father or her father?

I am really ashamed of this website , & inshallah I'll be leaving it.

I can't believe rape culture still exists .

We don't need sources to validate our rights when we see hijab symbolising our freedom & enables credibility...

It's crazy. I don't want to be a part of any culture, the arab or whatever there is .

- I have so much to say, but it just chokes me up , as I totally give up .

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Sister not all men are like the devils you see them as.


I personally know of a man who had a brother who was martyred and he left behind his wife and children, and the first man married her and his first wife was ok with it, they all live happily and there is no fitna, I even asked him however the cost of maintaining 2 families is breaking his back.


Men are not as cold blooded as to rape their wives, nor is God so unjust as to allow it, a man is his wife's protector and comforter not oppressor, so this marital rape being halal is clearly wrong, I don't know where or who told you that it is halal.


Also the vast majority of men have one wife for their entire life and a very few individuals have 2 or more wives at the same time, in my whole life I have only met 1 man who has 2 wives.


Also, we do not see women as light bulbs, we respect and love women kind for their sensitivity and differences, the vast majority of shia men who get married and they stay married until death does them apart, so I have no idea why you think men treat women as light bulbs or why you think Islam allows this.

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Not long ago I read an article about a man that wanted to divorce his wife because she demanded to much sex. This man worked hard and came home tried and his wife demand it but he couldnt keep up with her demands,so he filed for divorce. Moreover,this articule actually highlights alot of things people forget and it also demonstrates a reversable role. How,their is a high number of woman that do alot of things for their men,cook,clean,etc and more that make them tried and therefore use sex as a tool to punish or to get what they want, it sad but culture has made woman do more then their meant to for a man,and that is why some men think what their wifes is doing is normal and what she did is nothing special,his mother did the same,cooked cleaned worked. No one is appreciating what their doing.

Men and woman alike should take others feelings into consideration before throwing their demands or desires on others. Even though some men and woman may question this mans manhood,he still got his way. Divorce is much easier for him,in a islamic country specially saudi,get a woman to file a divorce for same reason,she worint get far. Rape is very hard to prove,and being raped inside of a marriage is even harder to prove. Victums will always be questioned and in same cases they may be accused of enjoying the act and thats why they never stopped it. The courts only act upon evidence,so I dont know where or what courntry lets men lose their house by false accusations.

Theirs always going to be people that find excauses for rape online and offline,non muslim or even muslims,what really shocking is when you have brained washed woman that actually agreeing with such men. Usually those are the same woman that talk about other woman desrving the treatment that they got from x group of men. E.g a prositute getting beats is fine because she let herself get to that level. No matter who the person is intercourse should not be forced upon anyone. Coming forward and discussing the situation and the outcome is different for each gender.

As for men they can not take a non muslim woman if they have a muslim wife. Am not sure about him asking for your consent,but I doudt he has to ask the woman. Specially that a womans opinion is not a vital as men. Treating woman equally emotionally is not possible in my view. Plus, I think that the only reason other then making more muslims,god allowed men to have up two four wifes is because they practised way back and their was more men that did it,then woman. I wonder if more practised it if it would of been allowed now,one woman and two men. It just the identiy of the child that would of been hard to figure out back then. Their is this commical saudia series,it also changed the roles around,so men can get a taste or feel how a woman feels when their husband takes another woman.

It's important to put yourself in someone elses place and then see how it feels. I tell you this some people will not understand the pain,they worint understand why your even in pain,others will act like their sorry but real they are not,you can observe it from their actions.

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