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Re: Kamal Aldeen Issue About Yamani From Yemen...


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Followers of Ahmad al-Hassan (l.a.) claim, that the book of Sheikh al-Saduq (ra) contains the statement "from Yemen" only inside the brackets. The truth is, that there are two different hadith in the book "Kamal al-din wa-tamam al-ni'mah" which mention "Yamani" and only one of the narrations contain "from Yemen" inside the brackets, the other one is clear.

Read here: http://shia-rafidah.com/articles/81-brackets-from-yemen.html#.VFDuBfmG98E

There are also multiple authentic hadith, which mention, ''and the emergence of al-Yamani from Yemen with the white flags''

You can read them here: http://shia-rafidah.com/tags/Yamani+from+Yemen/#.VFDuv_mG98E

And the great Shia scholar in the field of hadith; Muhaddith al-Nūrī at-Ṭabarsī has mentioned in his book; ''Nafas al-Raḥmān fī faḍāʼil Salmān'', that Yamani is from Yemen.

Read here: http://shia-rafidah.com/articles/78-hadith-from-yemen.html#.VFDvvfmG98E

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Yamani from Yemen | Old print of Kamal al-Deen from Iran [the print year is 1883].

Read here: http://shia-rafidah.com/articles/82-old-print-yamani.html#.VFP0a8J0y70

Yamani from Yemen | Manuscript of Kamal al-Deen from [from 1066 Hijri / AH].

Read here: http://shia-rafidah.com/articles/83-yamani-manuscript.html#.VFP0usJ0y70

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