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In the Name of God بسم الله
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Awaiting Al_Faraj

Need Reference For The Hadith

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                        The life of Imam Husain ,Page:650



The Almighty Allah had bestowed Imam Husain (  'a  ) with beautiful eloquence and spontaneity of speech, as if he issued a flood of maxims, advices and exhortations for his tongue. Some of his shorter sayings are mentioned below:

1- His Eminence (  'a  ) said:" The wise does not speak to one whom he fears he shall be belied and he does not ask anyone of anything if he fears he shall not give. And he does not repose hope on one whom he does not trust." 1

2- His Eminence told his son Ali ibn al-Husain:" O son! Beware of oppressing the one who has none to repel your attack except Allah." 2

3- His Eminence said," Allah does not take power from anyone but He takes away from him His obedience. And He does not take anyone's strength but that He ends his responsibility (  duty  ) ." 3

4- His Eminence said," Beware of that for which you have to regret later. Because the believer neither commits a mistake nor seeks forgiveness and the hypocrite commits a mistake everyday and seeks forgiveness ... 4

5- His Eminence said," Leave that which puts you to doubt towards that which does not put you to doubt because lying creates doubt and truthfulness accords comfort." 5

6- His Eminence said:" O Allah, do not test me by bounties and do not punish me with difficulties." 6

7- His Eminence said," If one does not have these five things there is no good in him: Intellect, religion, etiquette, shame and good manners." 7

8- His Eminence said," The miser is the one who is miserly in saluting ..." 8

9- His Eminence said," If a person hopes for something in Allah's disobedience, it won't last for long and what he fears will soon come to him (  punishment  ) . 9

01- His Eminence said," From the signs of acceptance are company of intelligent people and among the signs of ignorance is debating with people other than the infidels. And of the signs of the learned is to criticize is own statements and its knowledge of arts and sciences." 01

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01 Ibid




11- His Eminence said," The believer considers Allah as his refuge and their statements as a mirror for Himself. Thus sometimes He looks at the qualities of believers and sometimes He pays attention to the arrogant ones. On the basis of this in fine things and in himself in recognition and about his consciousness and about his purity shall be utmost tranquility." 1

21- His Eminence said," Whenever you hear that a person is speaking ill of others then you shall try that he does not recognize you." 2

31- His Eminence told a person who backbited in his presence:" O man! Do not resort to backbiting as it is the diet of the dogs of Hell ..." 3

41- A person began to speak to His Eminence and said: If one does good to an undeserving person it is wasted. His Eminence said," It is not so. Because goodness is like rain that reaches both the good and the bad people ..." 4

51- His Eminence said," He is commanded to speak about these bounties of religion that Allah had given," (  5  )  (  6  )

61- His Eminence said," Death with honor is better than a life of degradation." 7

71- His Eminence said," Weeping for the fear of Allah is salvation from the fire (  of Hell  ) ..." 8

81- His Eminence said," One who remains worried and all his tricks fail, then his key is caution (  softness  ) ." 9

91- His Eminence said," One who accepts your goodness has helped you in

goodness." 01

02- His Eminence said," On the Day of Judgment a caller will announce: O people! Anyone who has any arrears upon Allah may rise up. Then except for the righteous ones, no one would arise ..." 11

12- His Eminence said," No deed of the nation is such that it is not presented to Allah, the Mighty and the Sublime, every morning." 21

Here we conclude our discussion about some of the important sayings that are rich in wisdom, morals and good manners that are related from His Eminence. For the sake of conciseness and to avoid verbosity we do not wish to prolong the discussion about the captioned sayings.


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01 Bihar 87/ 721

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