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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

The Moon Of Moharram

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I step outside my door into the frigid night

Anticipating and longing for an unwelcome sight

My heart has gone heavy from dejection of lead

My head has gone heavy producing tears of dread

The sight is awaited for it means once again

I am to be reunited, with my Mola Hussain

As my eyes scan the night, the onyx, the black

The coagulation of tears makes me lose my track

There’s prayer I yearn, a prayer ungrateful

That I may go blind, my sight become dull

For if I can’t see it, then it might serve to mean

Whatever it witnessed, was but a dream

My dua is not granted, and the blood in my veins

becomes rapid, torrential, as I look up to claim

the piercing white crescent of poisonous light

the harbinger of grief, the pronouncer of plight

This sight is unwelcome for time now drips

Elusive like water, seeping through the tips

No! How I dare speak of that, of water like time

Let my pen be forgiven, oh master of mine

Curse to the gall I had to utter such sighs

How I mentioned that, which you were denied?

My admonishment complete, I address now the moon

As it conceals within nimbuses and velvety gloom

Tell me, I say, how you muster this might?

To cover yourself fully with the cloak of the night?

When she who was born in the veil of Tatheer

Is without cloak, without veil, without that which was dear?

Woe is to me! The vibrations of cries

Cause ripples in the air surrounding my sides

How fluid your words, how freely you speak

Incognizant of the truth of the answers you seek

How can I, the moon, commit err when my birth

Was for the love of the five who once tread on this Earth

From the recesses of time, I convey a saga of pain

Let the clouds be my kerchief, let the earth foresee rain



...to be continued

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Muharram moon
Memories of the curved sword upon the rising crescent
The melody of the preserved book forever present
The heavens redden upon the Sun’s setting
The darkness overspreading with its cold beset
The year arises with a cataclysmic fall
Muharram moon

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For eons of time, my luminous dew

Drenched the Nainava sands in a silvery hue

This color was cold, devoid of the pure 

So the grits served no calling, unable to cure

But embedded in shards was a prophecy great

The red of a being who would alter their fate

Thus the sands then awaited and slumbered in dunes

Serenaded by winds who howled in tunes

Many a came, to build cities and homes

But fortune decreed, here only they'd roam

Recall in Seventy One, the interminable rain

The onslaught of punishment for mocking his name

I witnessed my mien in every inch of this Earth

For mirrored were lands, and extinguished were hearths

The vessel rocked by, and sailed to and fro

Before halting abruptly, though they fervently rowed

A tsunami was sowed from the quake of the land

Mankind grew wary, being the last of their clan

Their captain perspired, and turned to the skies

Aid me, Almighty! Pay heed to my cries.

The mornings and eves have witnessed this true

Not a canyon or mountain has hindered this crew

So why is there gnawing? My heart cannot rest!

Will it sink like my ship, in the midst of this crest?

The Archangel called out, this course was preset

He willed you to wallow in this trial you met 

Ages from now, will transpire a noon 

When the skies will weep blood, and will tremble the moon

The son of His last, will be murdered unjust

His throat will be parched, his shroud will be dust

With sorrow-filled orbs, in a trembling state

Who'll kill him? He asked. Who'll harbor such hate?

A man not deserving, of even that name

More feral than beasts, who exist solely to maim

So added to scroll of those that cursed him

The holy Nuh's name, in a heavenly hymn. 

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Noha First of Muharram 

The Moon of Muharram
Times of Sadness has come,
The Crescent has nor arrived
Casting Gloom on karbala
Casting Gloom on karbala

betrayal by ht kufans
set this moon on its course
Calling out for their guide
treachery with no remorse

Muslims and his sons;
What a tragedy
Oh what calamity;
The Moon bleeds too foresee
The Moon bleeds too foresee

The moon of Muharram ............

On the ninth it heard the;
Prayers of those pure soul;
fought the rising sun for;
perhaps it could be it's role;

Akber Athan so clear;
this moon filled with fear;
how will it possibly arise ;
and see the state of those dear;

The moon of Muharram ...........

It saw the six month infant;
no water but an arrow;
that night it shown it's light on;
Rabaab filled with such sorrow;

To see my Asghar I crave;
I hear nothing his cries;
Oh sun please do not arise;
And with his mother sympathize;
with his mother sympathize;

The moon of Muharram ............

witnessed it the trampling;
On Shaam-e-Ghareeba;
Saw that night the terror;
bodies scattered a far;

tents looted and on fire;
earrings snatched from ruqayya;
this moon also in such pain;
this household bound in chain;
this household bound in chain;

The moon of Muharram ............

From this month my bibi;
had to wander veiless;
Zahra's grave is restless;
For her daughter princess;

The Cloak of Purity;
For this mother so holy;
the beloved of Fatima;
paraded in the bazaar;
paraded in the bazaar;

The moon of Muharram ............
Times of Sadness has come,
The Crescent has nor arrived
Casting Gloom on karbala
Casting Gloom on karbala

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