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In the Name of God بسم الله

Rts Article: Imam Al-Mahdi (Ajf) Part 3

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In this article we shall be examining the concept of the twelve Imams (a.s) from the perspective of the so-called 'Ahl ul Sunnah,' using their own academic sources. It is established that both Shi'a Ithna Ashari (twelvers) and Sunnis agree that there will be twelve leaders (a.s) after the Prophet (saw), however, they do not agree on who those twelve are.

Read here: http://www.revisitingthesalaf.org/2014/10/imam-al-mahdi-ajf-part-iii_25.html

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They stopped to put importance on these issues. They live under kings or queens or whatever system they see fitting. The Islam is a religion of convenience. They apply it's picked up economic laws and some fiqh laws . The rest shall be left to Allah mercy.

Few thinkers now try to make sense of the Islamic laws let alone Islamic prophecies...

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