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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

How To Make Muharram Productive?

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salam.i think we can make muharrum productive by carrying the mission of Imam Hussain A.s ahead for humanity.it could be done in a very polite manner by tongue or by practicing His teachings.for this i think we dnt need any plateform it could be done anywhere anytime by telling people the reason why he sacrificed His Ownself along with His Noble Family and Companions.because people still need to know the truth behind this great sacrifice.wasalam

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I once heard and followed this advice given from the pulpit. Come every muharram, take up one good habit and do away with one bad habit. For example, if you establish salat regularly, start praying salat ul layl and so on and so forth.

like often times, when we speak of change, we focus on doing something good to others, but forget that it is us who need the most attention. God willing, once you are able to better yourself, you automatically start giving to others.

all the best.


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We have to be reminding of philosophy behind Imam's movement which is to protect Islam and Islamic culture which is briefly Amr-e bi-l Ma'roof wa Nahi-e 'An-i-l Munkar; Now this is our duty to make his sacrifice keeping alive and follow his path; so we have to, firstly, increase our knowledge regarding Islamic issues in order to be able to apply those issues on both; ourselves and our society. After increasing knowledge, we have to recognize opportunities and challenges in our society at the first step and our world at the next one and try to make opportunities for those who potentially able to be in the right path and warning them of challenges (sins and faults).


We have to keep Imam's Majlis alive as well, cry for his Excellency and taking lessen from his movement.


With Duas.



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I think often times many of us cry "ritually" in the sense that we forget that those tears should serve to soften our hearts. After our hearts are softened, we are more easily able to accept our mistakes. Whenever a lecturer points out something wrong with society or something the society should improve, we should never think that this admonishment is applicable only to someone else. We should always think that the lecture being recited is directed at ME. 


Another way to make Moharram productive is to obtain a lesson from each shahadat. For example. what good is crying over Hazrat Hur if you refuse to forgive your friend? If Imam can forgive his once-enemy, who are we to hold a grudge over anyone? 


May Allah swt bless you with many opportunities for self-building this Moharram. 

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