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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Ashiqe Shahadat

Should Hazrat Ayesha Be Disrespected ?

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This Question was asked by Agha Syed Jawad Naqvi in a Question Answer session.
Question: What type of women was Hazrat Ayesha? On one side she was against Imam Ali and on the other the Mother of Momineen. Are we allowed to love or Hate her?
Answer: Please note. The character of big personalities, The Sahabas (Companions), has been different in history from early Islamic days.
The issue has been quite overstated and understated.
On one side the ahl-e-sunnat hold the view that this, to be precise a couple days earlier I was listening to a clip of a scholar from the ahl-e-sunnat.
He actually made the claim in regards to the Sahaba being infallible, free from error, free from sins.
This is absolutely against the teachings of the Quran, history, and even against the view of the ideology of the ahl-e-sunnat itself. 
The Sahaba are not infallible according to their ideology.
This is a very ifrati view.
On one side we should keep in mind, evidently there have been different characters of the sahaba that history has noted. Both the shia and the ahl-e-sunnat brothers accept these facts.
But now, after these differing characters, what do we need to do? What is our right? And how far can we pursue this right? 
Its clear, that during the battle of Jamal. The wife of the Holy Prophet commanded and led the army to war against Imam Ali.
When the war ended, and they had been defeated and accepted defeat.
Hazrat Ali got some of his men to accompany her on her camel from Basra to Medina with the utmost respect and dignity.
And also got her brother to accompany her so at no point would she be disrespected.
Yeah she made a mistake, and it was apparent. And we can’t be more grieved than Imam Ali was, because even when she went to war, it was with Imam Ali (A.S).
So now you don’t say you are a bigger Shia than even Ali (A.S), and care more for him than even he did for himself.
No one is more caring of Ali than himself.
But with respect, Hazrat had her escorted to Medina. 
Disagreements aside, even gave a sermon and condemned her actions. 
BUT never did he disrespect her. Why?
Because of the Prophet (S.A.W). Because of that Relation.
Because of the Prophet (S.A.W).
This doesn’t mean that her actions were acceptable! No,  her actions were not acceptable in any way. 
But there are some things,.. like us, we making/make SHABIHS and Alams (Standards), and buy cloth from the stores, and even the sticks from the stores.
We buy ordinary items from the stores, but when you associate them and connect them with Imam Hussain (A.S), and make it a SHABIH (replication) of Karbala. Now would you be able to disrespect it?
Audience: No we can’t.
Someone can say, I bought the cloth myself.
Yeah you bought the cloth yourself, but when you gave it association and connection (NISBAT). 
Now you can’t disrespect it, although it is a normal piece of cloth.
In the same way, this wife of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W). Her actions, from all angles, were insupportable and can’t be justified. What she particularly did against Imam Ali (A.S).
And no one in this day and age, justifies her actions or accepts them. Even amongst the Ahl-e-sunnat, many scholars have written as well as said her actions were erred.
But since she had a connection with the Prophet (S.A.W), because of this,  to go to such an extent that it is a disrespect to the dignity of the Prophet, is not permitted.
It is not permitted; there should never be disrespect towards the dignity of the Prophet.
She was a wife nonetheless a wife of the Prophet (S.A.W), so in that respect she should not be disrespected.
Her actions stand at fault, don’t go towards that. 
Neither are they justified in the Quran, and nor will any knowledgeable scholar justify them. 

Video Link with English Subtitles : 

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Being Umm al-Mu'minin is considered as a legal position for her not a spiritual status; some people were accusing her for doing adultery but the Qur'an denies that strongly and says that she is Umm al-Mu'minin; it means that whoever she was - even fighting Imam Ali (p) - but she never involved sexual deviation, and the second point is that her position related other men except the Prophet (p) is that she is like their mother, so that no one is allowed to marry her after the Prophet (p).


With Duas.



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See I keep telling people that we should not disrespect Ayesha out of respect for the prophet, but some people actually argue and say that the prophet would be happy with us if we disrespect his wife.


What kind if a shameless person would be happy with someone disrespecting his wife? and they attach this to the prophet, they insult the prophet by trying to defend their disrespectful behaviour towards his wife.

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One should speak the truth of what she is but without foul words or language... there are ways to put things right without being offensive or putting your ownself low.

Eg instead or saying [Edited Out] one can say unchaste - its gives the same message while at the same time not using an offensive word - this is an example. It makes one right and one wrong otherwise both become wrong in ones own ways.

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Do we have less people to love ? Progressive people are those who are continuesly working on Success + 1 not Success -1. Our Imams left alot of knowledge for us to workout .. if people forget let me remind them. Imam Ali (as) was crying and when Hazrat Qumber Asked why are your crying Maula, he said Qumber there is a Treasure of Knowledge in my heart but i am not getting people to hold this. We have to be that people which our Imam want .. leave these Ayesha and Abu Bakar all for Day of Judgement and struggle in Imam's Way. Don't leave Hating bad but a knowledgable knows how to hate bad without Indicating.

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