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In the Name of God بسم الله

Need Free Legal Advice In London?

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Sallam Brothers


In London there are free legal advice centres called law clinics. I personally work in the University of East London law clinic.


If you need legal advice come visit us, it is all free.


All the advice given to clients are also checked by qualified solicitors so that it is not misleading.


It is all free, we even give you cookies and juice if you come.


the UEL one isn't the only one in UK though, there are many other ones spread over London and the UK so please check where the closest one to you is.

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Wa alaikum assalam.


This is fantastic! What kind of legal advice do you guys offer? Any topic? 


And why is it free? 

All kinds, contract, consumer, property, family and many more, but we just don't represent anyone in court.


remember this is student run, all advisers are law students but they are supervised by trained solicitors.


All we do is hear your story and tell you what the law is in your situation but we do not give advice on the same day, we will get back to you by 10 working days however we try to reach it to you sooner.


It is free because it is funded by the government, so only the supervisors get paid for working there and the money is for the equipment etc, so the main working force (the students) work there for free. We also offer it to the public for free.


Make sure you tell your friends, we will give you cookies if you attend.

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