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In the Name of God بسم الله

Ashura 101 - English Subtitled Interview

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Karbala Special, Ashura 2010 TV Show, with Hujjatul Islam Ocaq Nejad Agha, as guest.



This video explains everything in brief. And I think it will be beneficial to everyone, especially, to the new-to-shia-Muslims and non-Muslims. The topics discussed are:


The forms of Quran and the status of Ahlulbayt (Household of the Prophet) in Islam.
Why did Imam Hossein rise?
Why do we commemorate the tragedy of Ashura after all these years?
The Days of God in the Holy Quran.
Why do we cry for Imam Hussein?
What is the wisdom behind matam (mourning)?
The spiritual levels of mourning.
Going to the excess and extremism in azadari and the middle path.
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I was wondering if any brother or sister here could write an article on the points which the Sheikh makes? It really can be beneficial for non-muslims and new muslims about the philosophy of mourning for Karbala.


P.s. the video is also available on shiatv: http://www.shiatv.net/view_video.php?viewkey=3ea66e60235e4b636c49


Thanks in advance.

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