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In the Name of God بسم الله

Prophets Of Allah + Balance Of Nature + Thinking

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Asalam O Alaikum

The month of Zil Hajj and these dates mark the event of Hajj, a pilgrimage which if rightly done with the right intentions and resources, is amount to rebirth in Islam, a person free of all past sins. Easier said than done.

Hajj in its true essence is a commemoration of the sacrifice of Ibrahim (AS) and because Allah loved the sincerity of the Prophet (AS), he made it a source of remembrance till all times to come.

The satan who advised a father not to kill his son is stoned and the father who submitted to the command of Allah became the Khalil. Such is the believer and the Momin of which the Iblish had no knowledge of when he challenged the superiority of man.

9th Zilhaj marks the martydom of Hz Muslim Bin Aqeel (AS), the first sacrifice of Kerbala. Ibrahim (AS) promised for the Imamat to remain in his family, and his (AS) family stood steadfast in the path of Allah and sacrificed their everything in the way of God of Ibrahim (AS) at Kerbala.

A new article and Two new propositions are added aiming different parts of our lifes.

Article:  The Prophets of Allah
Exact Link: http://www26.brinkster.com/sdolshah1/pog.html

We have not had a time to truly ponder over what the Quran tells us and tries to tells us via various accounts of various prophets. Do we learn from them or read them as a good bed time tale? More importantly, the miracles we associate with pseudos versus miracles which the prophets performed are a contrast different in terms of their purpose and rationality

Proposition 1:  Balance of Nature
Exact Link: http://www26.brinkster.com/sdolshah1/prop68.html
Do the evil, the tyrants, the cruel and the arrogant, in professional and personal, in individual and collective capacity, think there is no check and balance over them?

Proposition 2:  Critical Thinking Critical
Exact Link: http://www26.brinkster.com/sdolshah1/prop69.html

The way of Ibrahim (AS), the way of monotheism, the thinking of a person is what differentiates him from the cattle..

At www.sdol.org


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Salam alaikum


Thank you for sharing the writing which is easy to understand by all, InshaAllah.


I have read this also , and i find the explanation in this link very rational indeed. 




May Allah helps to strengthen the unity between our Sunni and Shia brothers and erase extremism among them

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