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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

I Think This Is Why Cats Are Bad To Keep.

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I know we like cats, but firstly, we are taking it out of its natural habitat.


more importantly, children get very attached to them, even adults, they get too emotionally attached. 


Just now I accidental hit the cats with my foot as I was walking in the dark.


I hit the cat accidentally, and it wasn't even hard. The cat jumped and my sister cried like as if she was hit.


So I think I one reason why keeping a cat is bad or haram is because people become too emotionally attached to it. especially kids, and what psychological effects does it leave on the child if the cat dies or is run over by a car? just a little touch of the foot made my sister cry very emotionally with rivers of tears.


Anyway, what do you cat lovers think? I have nothing against cats btw, I just think we shouldn't have them as pets if we don't need them.

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People get emotionally attached to anything that they get used to tbh, and that's not a bad thing. My sister is extremely emotionally attached to her fish. I'm extremely emotionally attached to my computer. :P


Also, who says cats are bad or haram to keep :o


Look at all of dis widdwe adorableness awwwwwwwwwwwwawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww   http://mousebreath.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/cute-sleeping-kitten.jpg

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The death of a pet can be a valuable life lesson for children. Death is part of life, as is loss of things we get attached to. The sooner kids can start to cope with losses and death the better really. If their parents see it as an opportunity for them to grow in understanding and appreciation of the ways of the world it can help kids to become more resilient and mentally mature.

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A Muslim friend of mine once told me there is hadith saying Mohammed (pbuh) once cut off the edge of his cloak so as not to wake his cat when he needed to leave.  I have no details on the hadith but it seems like something a man that cares about others would do.


SF Taha, maybe when you "hit the cat with your foot" it caused a little more pain and damage than you think.  Maybe your sister sensed that. 


All the Best,


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Notme: Is correct.


Not that I take the a la anti-communist tone, "the only good wife is a dead wife" (for non-Americans, the old adage was "the only good Red is a dead Red"), it is just I ain't the marred kind.


You could be doing something or doing nothing and the next thing you know, "call from another room, call from another room".


Or, yell almost a scream, you go fast, and it something stupid.


And you get the attitude: "What the Hell is bring the World to an End, Now???"


Or, you walk into a room and get treated like the butler.


And of course, my middle name...hell, maybe first name...is: ATM


Then there is the occasional 'chick flick' you have to stomach through. How anyone can get so weepy-eyed over some dumb girl on film, defies explanation.


Then it is your clothes. "What's wrong now, I wore this in college?" "I changed shirts yesterday...or the day before.!"


You keep your shoes clean, wipe them on the mat and you still have to walk around your own house like a sock-footed pauper.


Then these dumb wives can't understand why non-Muslim men spend their time down at the corner bar.


Where do Muslim men go...besides mosque? This must a really secret hideout that I do not know about it.!


Yarrabi....I cancomplain and B____ all night.!

And then there are those little terrorists that go by the epithet: children.....

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 "Go to the store and..."


WhaaaaT ??? You have a car and a paycheck.! You go!


No wonder the Yugoslaves named their car the "Yugo" (you-go). They knew what gasoline cost and men would have to extra-drive.


Then it is the furniture. "What's wrong with this? We've only had it ten years.!"


Or the carpet: "When I see the woven threads, then I'll cover them with a throw rug.!"


Or the sink gets clogged because some dumb girl imagines that if water goes down, then anything else will.


Separate televisions, so you don't fight over what to watch.


Separate cars...


Separate bank accounts...


"I need curtains.!" "After I fix the roof."


"I need a bigger refrigerator.!"  "You're going to open a restaurant?"


"I need a new stove.! With a grill and...."  "You don't grill on a grill in the house. You will set the house on fire."


"I need new china." "The Queen is coming ?"


" I bought a new miniature."  "They are called dust collectors."


" I need a new vacuum cleaner."  "Try a mop.!"


"You need to take me to ______."  Hand her a broom and say, "Fly".!

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The cat my sister gave me was a Manx.


In their first year of life, they are real terrorists.


Run up your curtains.


Sit on top of the door and jump on your head when you walk by.


Run up and down your body when the alarm goes off.


And if you don't wake, bites you in the toe.


After that, they are real good cats.

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