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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

I Am Having A Breakdown After Reading This

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After watching the above video- Think about this young child, is one tiny example of human potential-What is your potential do you want to unlock it , or you want to spend time destroying it. Its your choice to make.


You can look up First ten nights of Muharram English Lectures and usually last 15 min are dedicated towards the events on the day of Ashura.

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Qasim ibn Hassan in Karbala Qasim ibn Hassan was the youngest son of the second Shia Imam Hassan ibn Ali ibn Abu Talib. Qasim, although only 13 years old, had, like his cousins “Aun” and “Muhammad”, learnt fencing from Abbas ibn Ali and Ali Akbar ibn Husayn. Abbas ibn Ali was very fond of Qasim ibn Hassan.


On the day of Ashura, when “Aun” and “Muhammad” had fallen in the battlefield, Qasimibn Hassan came to Hussain ibn Ali and begged for permission to go and fight. Twice Hussain ibn Ali refused saying "Qasim you are young and your mother's only son." Qasim ibn Hassan was very disappointed. He went to his mother.


When she saw her son so disappointed she remembered that just before Hassan ibn Ali died, he had written a letter, giving it to Umm-e-Farwa saying, “If ever you find Qasim in difficulty then give him this letter." She gave Qasim ibn Hassan the letter. In the letter it was written, "My son Qasim, a day will come when my brother Hussain will be facing an enemy army of tens of thousands. That will be the day when Islam will need to be saved by sacrifice. You must represent me on that day."


Qasim ibn Hassan read the letter. He smiled. He rushed to Hussain ibn Ali and gave him the letter. After reading the letter Hussain ibn Ali said, "O my brother's son, how can I stop you from doing what your father wanted you to do?"



Qasim ibn Hassan tried to go on fighting but since he was so young and very thirsty, he couldn’t carry on fighting. After a while Qasim ibn Hassan fell from his horse crying out to Hussain ibn Ali, "O uncle, Accept My Last Salaam." Hussain ibn Ali and Abbas ibn Ali rode out. The soldiers tried to stop them, when finally they came to where Qasim ibn Hassan had fallen they saw a dreadful sight. Qasim ibn Hassan's body had been trampled by the horses of the soldiers who had tried to stop Hussain ibn Ali and Abbas ibn Ali. 


Hussain ibn Ali was extremely angry and shaken by this, he immediately took out his sword and struck Umar ibn NafeelAzdee who had hit Qasim ibn Ali with a sword and caused him to fall to the ground. Hussain ibn Ali’s blow cut Umar ibn NafeelAzdee in half from the middle and caused the rest of the enemy forces to flee.


With Duas.



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