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In the Name of God بسم الله
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Assalam Alaykum



About last year, I grew increasingly distant from Islam and attracted more and more to film and literature and other western forms of media, until a doubt began to manifest in me. I felt like the questions western scholars/ scientists raised against Islam could not be answered by the Quran or Ahaditg,In order to get rid of the doubt, I closed off my mind to gaining/seeking knowledge or thinking. I thought that if I researched into Islam I would not find any answers agianst these accusations. i also thought that if I researched more western literature and sciences they would bring up more and more evidence against Islam. Because of this, I closed my mind to all knowledge and began practicing blind faith. Whenever a question was brought up, I convinced myself that Islam had an anwer for it. Whenever I was in trouble before this I would pray to Allah and he would give me what I wanted. I was afraid that if I left Islam then this comfort would be taken from me and I would be depressed and son on. Also I was a shia my whole life, it would be terrifying to think there's anything other than shia Islam as the truth.



Basically a few months ago I spoke with an Aalim and he told me I'm already astray, because it is the obligation of every muslim to seek knowlege. He told me that if I listened to both sides and read all books from both sides, I would be guided back toward Islam. But the long stretch last year crippled my ability of mental thinking and intuitive reasoning. Whenever someone brings up an argument about something I'm opinionless, I can't figure out whether he's making sense or not. I have no emotions or opinions about anything anymore. I lost the will to live.


Please help, what do I do? How do I know god exists or not? How do I know Islam is the right religion?

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This is a common issue. You need to first sort out your world view. What presuppositions are you bringing to the table?

Maybe you should give an example of something that troubled you, and what your thoughts were when you encountered it.

In regards to knowing Islam is the right religion, what I would say is that without the spiritual dimension, there is probably only so far you can go. Various rational arguments and evidences can be brought forward, but they are never going to be absolutely conclusive. The Qur'an talks about 'seeing with the heart', and if you don't try to gain this spiritual insight, then it don't think you can obtain certainty (this is probably why there are duas about gaining certainty, rather than arguments). Obviously some people will reject this as unscientific nonsense, but then that is where presuppositions come into play. Is what can be currently be proven by science your ultimate arbiter when it comes to determining truth?

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not necessarily. It's hard to explain



I can't make up my mind about anything. i hear arguments for and against Imamat, and the only thing that remains in my head are questions and skepticism about it. not just this but everything.


For example why are there barely any sunni hadith or historians who write about the immense knowledge of the imams and why does no sunni talk about them to the extent that we do?
 If the Imams were really that great, for example Imam Jawad had full knowledge age 8, then you'd expect some sunni historians to write about them. How do I know the Imams really had these traits? They could be Shia fabrications.


Another example, if Imamat really is real, and it is Allah's will, why are there no surahs of the Quran which explicitely say Ali is the succesor of Muhammad? the arguments us shia use are just vague surahs of the Quran. If Imamat is one of the Usool O Din, you'd expect there to be an entire Surah about it. Besides, isn't Islam Allah's religion? If Imamat was an essential part of Islam, then Allah would protect it just like he protected the message of Islam at the time of the prophets.


many more questions which I can't choose sides spring up, about Islam itself. What has Islam got to offer that Judaism doesn't?

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I don't have any questions about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), nor any skepticism. I might in the future, but not as of now. Right now, I have blank opinions about him.


Here's a question, how are you sure that Prophet Muhammad didn't steal the message and stories of the Quran from the Jews or Christians? What are some groundbreaking things that Allah's final message have to offer that the other Deens don't?


Another question is about ahadith. If the system of hadith that we have currently is good, then how come most western scholars and historians say that it's a bad system? From my understanding it has to do with chains of narration and comparison with the Quran. That's great, but how do we know whether it's historically accurate? If it is, how come nobody other than us believes them?



Does god exist? Idk, I have no idea.

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Does god exist? Idk, I have no idea.


I am a layman, so bare with me.  

It is essential for every obligated person to acknowledge the fundamental beliefs on the basis of proofs and arguments.


What Major arguments you have, for or against the Creator/God? List them in the order of importance(Top down).




Seeking Allah's Guidance Edited by S.M.H.A.

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My arguments for god are nothing more than personal experiences. When I recieve them my faith strengthens for a while, but soon afterwards it falls off again. Philosophically I'm not convinced yet



Why is it that the most top scholars and scientists of today deny the existence of God? they are men who live in the most advanced countries and use science in their arguments. Why is it that they go far to deny the existence of God?


I understand the concept. God is infinite, god is this, so he can't be seen physically. But how can we be sure of anything in this world? We are born with no memories and gather everything from our surroundings. If we can't see an evidence for something in our surroundings, how can we know it exists? Philosophical reasoning is not enough.


People used to attribute god to the creation of cosmos, etc, and that was their proof, but more and more they're being discounted.


How can I be SURE that god exists? How can I have ABSOLUTE CONVICTION of the existence of God?


I am very well acquainted with most Shia Islamic concepts, adaalat, Qiyamat, but I just can't see it. Before I could see clearly but now I can't. Maybe Allah sealed my heart like he said he would to the unbelievers?

Someone told me that if I refrain from doing Sins for a while, more and more my heart will be open and accepting for the truth.


I hear some of the best arguments for God, but no matter what I can't fathom his existence.



Ayatullah Bahjat said "pray on time", and eventually your Iman and mental capacity increase.


are there any duas or phrases I can say repeatedly to help?

somthing else, I was born an Ithna Ashari muslim and raised as one. Doesn't it seem a bit coincidental that the religion I was born in is the correct one?

I bet they say the same to their kids in every other religion. "we are the only rightly guided ones!"

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My arguments for god are nothing more than personal experiences. When I recieve them my faith strengthens for a while, but soon afterwards it falls off again. Philosophically I'm not convinced yet




Dear brother, I am experienced in the topics you placed above, and Myself had arguments with Atheist (Especially those in the biology field. with a .P.HD). If you can can stay on Shiachat for next week, I will answer what you have presented. So if you have any more questions or arguments. Please lay them here, and I promise to reply in the next week or so. I apologies, because I have little free time.



Yours IH




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You have made generic statements- like my personal experience- you mean when you are blessed you believe and when a calamity happens you disbelieve? You need to explain what you mean?


What Major arguments you have, for or against the Creator/God? List them in the order of importance(Top down). I am sure you have due to this I can say there is a God , or due to this I am not sure. What are those particular things in the order of importance? 


If we are born in this system- the God will only reach us through the same system-and teach us through the same environment- we are asked to ponder on what we see, hear or feel etc- Trillion things have to be just right- to have the whole thing- humans, earth, sun, moon, galaxies pop up by chance and another trillion to provide living environment and another trillion to  balance of all the forces to keep it stable. 



Science can not tell you where you came from, why you are here and where are you going.

Science has no morals or ethics-  essentials of Human societies


I am a layman, so knowledgeable Brother has volunteered to work on you concerns.


Here is little on Science:


Science is compartmentalized- Its not one unified theory that explains all. One scientist can’t connect ALL the dots - he is not qualified to do so. He is ignorant of other fields of sciences. Science as you know in general is the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment


Some major fields of science are Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy and their are further divided into sub category.


Einstein or Stephen Hawking can’t perform open Heart surgery, expert psychological advice, or expert marriage counseling or help write a constitution or be a Judge in a criminal or domestic court of law, , our expert philosophical  ideas, or experts on peace treaties, or experts on drafting a constitution or war strategies or expert psychological advice or experts on self building, or motivational ideas. Best and the top Scientist in their own particular field of science are only SMEs-Subject Matter Experts in that particular field.


Science is a Theory, and some of it has been proven and some is still a theory and all can be overridden with the next discovery. Plus Most sciences fail outside of our system-in outer space-


Albert Einstein’s equation E = MC^2 is perhaps the best known equation of the century. However when applied to space, an anomaly occurs. When we use it to determine how much matter the universe should have, we realize that we have only found four percent of the matter in the universe! Where is the rest of it? Many believe it is in the form of dark matter. Where is this dark matter? It’s everywhere,  wherever there is no visible matter. Scientists have yet to show any conclusive proof that dark matter does in fact exist. The fact that you can’t see it, touch it, and light and radio waves pass right through it undeterred makes it extremely hard to detect.


Most of the universe seems to consist of nothing we can see. Dark energy and dark matter, detectable only because of their effect on the visible matter around them, make up most of the universe. Universe is 4% visible matter, 22% dark matter, and 74% dark energy. t shows scientists that there is a gap in our knowledge that needs to be filled, beckoning the way toward an unexplored realm of physics. We have before us the evidence that the cosmos may be configured vastly differently than we imagine. Dark energy both signals that we still have a great deal to learn, and shows us that we stand poised for another great leap in our understanding of the universe.


According to the best estimates of astronomers there are at least one hundred billion galaxies in the observable universe( some say (guesstimate)that the real universe is 250 times bigger) Milky Way is one galaxy that holds our solar system and there are 100+ stars in our galaxy. Science has only recently been able to explain where the stars and planets came from. Now, scientists have turned their attention to a much bigger mystery, where did galaxies come from? What is known is that galaxies are not scattered randomly throughout space, rather they are found in clusters, known as “superclusters”. Scientists have two main theories to attempt to explain galaxy formation. First, the gas left over from the big bang clustered together to form galaxies, in which stars and planets were born. Second is that gas from the big bang created stars and planets all over the universe, and they migrated through gravity into galaxies. Neither theory has been universally accepted yet.




These people can’t even figure out what works where and we have not even escaped our solar system or completely explored the next planet- You want to rely on them to prove or disprove the creator of ALL that is visible and invisible.





“According to the Holy Prophet, the material sphere in comparison to the immediate immaterial sphere beyond it is like a small ring thrown in a huge desert. And that sphere has the same  relation in comparison to its immediate sphere beyond it, and so on to the Throne and Seat(Arsh and Kursi) which are figurative terms for immaterial spheres encompassing the material, and all intermediary immaterial spheres  to the first manifestation of the Absolute. This process house is always subject to partial or total change and expansion, according to the well-planned will of Creator…” (1)


“God only knows how many earths and heavens had so arisen and deteriorated before our earth and heaven came into being, how many of them are growing up along with ours and how many of them will come into being and resume the same or different course of development after the disintegration of our solar system and advent of our resurrection, : Ali says that in these heavenly luminous bodies, stars, there are distant cities connected with columns of light and they are populated with conscious beings, who worship the Creator and do not know anything about our Adam, his creation and his issues. In another statement he points out that before Adam, the first father of the present human race, there was an Adam, and similarly before him there was another Adam, and similarly before him there was another Adam and so it goes on to God knows how many worlds and Adams…”(2)


(1)Page 245

(2) Page 244

Essence of the Holy Quran (The Eternal Light)

By: Ayatullah Agha Haji Mirza Mahdi Pooya.

Edited by S.M.H.A.

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The stories of the Prophets, their miracles, the Imams and their stories, their knowledge and ikhlaq, these are what gave me the final push against atheism, there is no other explanation for what the prophets did and existed for but god, just as Mohammed S.A.W was a simple tradesman who couldn't read or write but he was able to recite the Qur'an, a piece of literature that still amazes people today, is this all not from God? or do you also believe the prophet was a crazy man who had illusions and starting speaking words of truth about the future the past and present without even having been there.


There is also the foretelling of the Mongol Invasion 600 years before the Mongol invasion by the prophet, is this something that happens by chance or guess or illusions, no it is solid proof that it is knowledge revealed to Mohammed by God.


These are what made me convinced, I don't know if it helps you.

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Assalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb. Brother/Sister,


When i first learn about about the Ahlul-Bayt's way, my teacher got me through these stages:


1. Let's establish whether there's God or No. Science fails when it come to proving the source, even The Big Bang (creation of universe), nowadays scientist start to think before the big bang the universe was vast, then shrink, then vast again, then will shrink again, thanks to gravity. So, when they asked, okay, so who created the universe before going through that chain of vast-shrink-vast-shrink? Then my teacher told me, even though we live in the present once we looked at the sky, we looked at the past (ray from stars reached the eart after several hundreds light years away). Who have these kind of power if He not the Al-Mighty and Al-Hakim. Once this stage clear, a person would know if he's an atheist or not.


2. Okay, once we established that God's exist, next step; should something that Mighty, Knowledgable, Pure can converse with us the lesser creature or not. You see if you are that smart, it took a smart guy to converse with you. A hint of idiotic mind wouldnt able to comprehend what you're saying. So, Imam Ali (as) said, if you want to measure a man, measure him through his friends. So, if he's befriend smart people, so he's smart. Now, if we established that God simply cannot talk/communicate/converse with the lesser creature, there are two options a) he make the lesser creature smart as Him or b ) he picked certain individual to deliver His words in other words prophethood. Once this stage clear, a person would know what kind of religion he'd choose in the following 2 options: a) he can directly talk to God or b ) there are certain choosen individual like.... hold it... prophets. For option a; in the planet there are some religion that thinks they're able to talk to God/Universe. For option b; there already several options such Buddihsm, Abrahamaic, etc... etc...


3. You still reading? good... next step. Okay, prophethood, your option are only 2; Abrahamaic or Non-Abrahamaic. Abrahamaic teaching consist of chain of prophet from Adam to Muhammad (sawaw). With this option you have several religion to choose from; Judaism, Nasrani/Christian, and Islam. For the Non-Abrahamaic, it consist of ad-hoc/stand-alone prophet such Buddha.


4. Great, Abrahamaic. We have three religions to choose from, Judaism (Jewish), Nasrani/Christian and Islam. These religions are constantly in debate on whose the real Savior. The Jew said, their savior isnt come yet and absolutely from line of Isaac (as). The Christian said, their savior is Jesus or Isa (as). The Islam said, their savior is Muhammad (as). Why the savior? because the savior can ensure their enterance to jannah.


5. Islam. in the religion of Islam you have 3 options to get in your way to jannah. There's Ahlul-Bayt's way, Ahlul-Sunnah's way, and the Khawaridj's way. The Ahlul-bayt's believe in Muhammad (sawaw) through his progeny's teaching. Ahlul-Sunnah believe in Muhammad (sawaw) through the sahabbah's teaching. And the Khawaridj believe in Allah SWT teaching ignoring everything else, because they said," why, we have Al-Qur'an".


Look brother/sister, you're lucky to have your way of ahlul-bayt for a long time (maybe you are born with it). But, for me, i think it's divine act. Rasulullah (sawaw) said to Imam Ali (as)," O Ali, your Shia wouldnt increase or decrease even 1 until the judgement day".


Keep looking for Allah SWT. brother/sister, there's a saying," if you keep knocking hell's door, one day someone will answer it"... let's rephrase that," if you keep knocking on heaven's door, one day someone will answer it". Take small steps, say Alhamdulillah once you passed each steps, Insha Allah helps.


There's a perfect surah in Al-Qur'an for you, Al-'Asr.


May Allah Al-Hadi, reveal His way.


Wa'alaikumsalam Wr. Wb. Brother & Sister.

Edited by neoyokohama

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Just add to the brothers comments regarding:


Big Bang-

Some say that Bigbang violates the first law of thermodynamics, which says you can't create or destroy matter or energy. Critics claim that the big bang theory suggests the universe began out of nothing.

Some say the Criticism is unwarranted for two reasons.


The first is that the big bang doesn't address the creation of the universe, but rather the evolution of it. The other reason is that since the laws of science break down as you approach the creation of the universe, there's no reason to believe the first law of thermodynamics would apply.


Some critics say that the formation of stars and galaxies violates the law of Entropy, which suggests systems of change become less organized over time. But if you view the early universe as completely homogeneous and isotropic, then the current universe shows signs of obeying the law of entropy.


Some astrophysicists and cosmologists argue that scientists have misinterpreted evidence like the redshift of celestial bodies and the cosmic microwave background radiation. Some cite the absence of exotic cosmic bodies that should have been the product of the big bang according to the theory.


The early inflationary period of the big bang appears to violate the rule that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. Proponents have a few different responses to this criticism. One is that at the start of the big bang, the theory of relativity didn't apply. As a result, there was no issue with traveling faster than the speed of light. Another related response is that space itself can expand faster than the speed of light, as space falls outside the domain of the theory of gravity.





The steady-state model of the universe suggests the universe always had and will always have the same density. The theory reconciles the apparent evidence that the universe is expanding by suggesting that the universe generates matter at a rate proportionate to the universe's rate of expansion.


The Ekpyrotic model suggests our universe is the result of a collision of two three-dimensional worlds on a hidden fourth dimension. It doesn't conflict with the big bang theory completely, as after a certain amount of time it aligns with the events described in the big bang theory.


The big bounce theory suggests our universe is one of a series of universes that first expand, then contract again. The cycle repeats after several billion years.


Plasma cosmology attempts to describe the universe in terms of the electrodynamic properties of the universe. Plasma is an ionized gas, which means it's a gas with free roaming electrons that can conduct electricity.


There are several other models as well. Could one of these theories (or other ones we haven't even thought of) one day replace the big bang theory as the accepted model of the universe? It's quite possible. As time passes and our capability to study the universe increases, we'll be able to make more accurate models of how the universe developed.


Do you see the issue?




Edited by S.M.H.A.

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You're asking too many questions to make it certain that you crumble under them.

Read Quran. Then reflect upon it.

Most of your answers are there.

Faith isn't a "nice argument" someone will tell you and everything will become crystal clear to you.

Imam Ali (AS) said, ‘Doubt is the product of ignorance'

Ghurar Al-Hikam, No. 725

Seek knowledge. One step at a time.

Have doubts and clear them. If you've not found answer to one question from amongst hundreds remember that it's your lack of knowledge and not ground to doubt what you already learnt and believed.

It's your eagerness to seek answers which will help you make your faith stronger but let not inability to find answers be an opportunity to go astray with clouded reasoning and assumptions.

Most importantly work on your character for when Allah says He guides whom He likes, it's referred to guidance for those who are just.

And for your desire to have clear statements in Quran:

Indeed Allah does not, for the sake of explanation, shy to illustrate an example of anything, whether it is of a gnat or something further (inferior) than it; so the believers know it is the Truth from their Lord; as for the disbelievers, they say, “What does Allah intend by such an example?” He misleads many thereby, and He guides many thereby; and with it He misleads only those who are rebellious. (Al-Baqara 2:26, English - Ahmed Raza Khan) .

Edited by insearchoflight

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Yourself being a muslim it is of course correct for you to follow islam. That is a simple solution.

I, a christian, would not want division amongst you, and the muslim world.

It is sensible for us people then that 'the scripture answers our thoughts and questions' I would say.

You know in this testing age much of what we hear is so much just the spirit of the world, rather than something holier, so do not worry.

Take care, Paul.

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Does god exist? Idk, I have no idea.


When I saw your question I remember the same event that happened for me few years ago and I was surprised because it was so unexpectedly and I didn’t ever think about it suddenly I saw my cellphone in front of me so I asked him do you the manufacture of this , he answered yes absolutely so I asked him is it possible such poor device has been created by itself or without any creator , he answered that’s impossible I told him so if this simple device must has a creator such a weird and complex body doesn’t have.

He convinced but it is up to you, nobody can compel the other in accepting one belief

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I give you an advice although I am not in a right position to advice you but I hope you that don’t care about the speaker just care about what he says

My bro, you must reconsider in your deeds I don’t want to prejudge you but you know yourself better than other ,in this period of your life you need more to be pious otherwise your behavior directly influence your thought and your belief.

and its the warning of God to all believer.

الروم : 10       ثُمَّ كانَ عاقِبَةَ الَّذينَ أَساؤُا السُّواى‏ أَنْ كَذَّبُوا بِآياتِ اللَّهِ وَ كانُوا بِها يَسْتَهْزِؤُنَ

Then the fate of those who committed misdeeds was that they denied the signs of Allah and they used to deride them.) 01 (

i appreciate your efforts beacuse if i were you and in your position maybe i would never do like you.

keep me in your pray and i will pray for you

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