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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

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salaam....I wanna know about Karbala...but I cant find good things in internet....I wanna know how Shia people tell the story of Karbala.....plz say it yourself to me,not give me a book s name......and plz your text be compelete but not be long........thanks so much.....God bless you all....

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I will write about it.


Imam Hussein did not accept Yazid as the legitimate Caliph of Muslims, since Yazids father Muawiya had agreed with Imam Hasan that after Muawiya's death Yazid will not become Caliph. 


So Yazid wanted Hussein to give his Allegiance and accept Yazid as a legitimate Caliph, however Caliphs are appointed by Allah, there are Ayats on this. and the real Caliphs are the 12 Imams. So Hussein did not accept Yazid.


Then the people of Kufa wrote to Imam Hussein and asked him to come and guide them and be their Imam, they said they would give their allegiance to Hussein I think. Hussein was overwhelmed by the amount of requests he received from the Iraqis, so he travelled to Kufa.


However Yazid was quick to send one of his men to rally some people against Hussein, many of the people in the army against Hussein were the ones who requested Hussein to come to them, the men of Kufa were forced with money and threats to stand against Hussein, some of the men who stood in the army against Hussein were crying, some hit themselves, and some found the will to convert and die with Hussein. 


Hussein was on the field of Karbala, the Yazidi army formed of people of Kufa had surrounded his camp. They were acting under the excuse that Hussein had revolted against the so called Caliph Yazid, however Hussein would ask them to let him go back to Medina and he will not go to Kufa, but they were there to kill Hussein, so they didn't let him go back to Medina or go to Kufa. 


Hussein showed them all the letters he received from Kufa. yet the Kufis still betrayed him. 


Hussein also prayed when his camp was surrounded, however the Yazidis tried to stop his prayers by shooting at him with arrows, many of his companions defended Hussein as he prayed.


After that Hussein went to the enemy's line to speak to them, but Shemr did not let him speak and they fired arrows at him and shot him before he could start speaking. 


Allah curse Yazid and Shemr and all of their followers and those who accept the illegitimate caliph as the real caliph. Hassan and Hussein were the 2nd and 3rd Caliphs of Muslims.

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Sister, your question indicates that you are having a conversation with someone. You would need to take the time to read and understand the factors leading up to Karbala, (appointments of Umayyad clan members in key positions by the early Muslim Caliphs, paved the way for  their gaining strength and eventually acquiring the Kingship over Muslims.)what actually happened at karbala and after, and its impact.


Here is why its, important, if you only know few facts, and don’t have reference , if asked you will be searching for it, second and most important-if someone throws you a curve ball, they may plant a seed which may make you question your belief or specifies of the events.


We all spent many hours doing things that are irrelevant so, please take the time to read/research/and understand it this very import sacrifice. As Karbala, Saved Islam as you know it today.


At Hajj, you are asked to sacrifice an animal, in memory or pointing to the surrender of human will to his lord. Actual Test ( Great Sacrifice) was postponed  for later, one who actually went through test is imam Husayn(as).


[37:106] For this was obviously a trial-

[37:107] And We ransomed him with a momentous sacrifice:


“And We Ransomed him with a Great Sacrifice”




Imam Husayn Before Karbala





What Non-Muslims Say About Husayn, The Third Successor of Prophet Muhammad


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And Shemr beheaded Imam...right?

"Al-Shimr was the first to do so. He kicked the Imam (‘a) with his foot then sat on his chest and took hold of his holy beard. He dealt him twelve sword strokes.71 He then severed his sacred head."


">>>Ibn Sa’d shouted, “Who volunteers to make sure that the chest and the back of al-Husayn (‘a) are run over by the horses?” Ten men stood up.1


Those miscreant “volunteers” were: Ishaq Ibn Hawiyyah,2 al-Ahbash Ibn Murshid Ibn ‘Alqamah Ibn Salamah al-Hadrami, Hakim Ibn al-Tufayl al-Sinbisi, ‘Amr Ibn abi al-Saydawi, Raja' Ibn Munqith al-’Abdi, Salim Ibn Khaythamah al-Ju’fi, Salih Ibn Wahab al-Ju’fi, Wakhit Ibn Ghanim, Hani Ibn Thabit al-Hadrami, and Asid Ibn Malik.

They rode their horses and trampled upon the body of the fragrant flower of the Messenger of Allah. Then the ten “men” went back to Ibn Ziyad with Asid Ibn Malik in their vanguard reciting this rajaz verse of poetry:

We did crush the chest and the back:
Mighty steeds made it like a river track.

Ibn Ziyad ordered generous awards to be given to them.3


Al-Biruni has said,

 They did to al-Husayn (‘a) what no other nation had ever done to their most evil ones: killing with the sword or the spear, with stone throwing, and with horse trampling.5


Some of those horses reached Egypt where their shoes were pulled out and fixed on doors as means of seeking blessings. This became a custom among them, so much so that many of them started making the like of those shoes and hanging them over the doors of their houses.6




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I really appreciate you all from my heart first.....specially from S.M.H.A.......

And i should say mashaAllah to him coz of your brain...mashaAllah you are too clever....i m Shia myself but i scare to say sth wrong to who i wanna speak with....so i think it s better to ask my Q in ShiaChat.....God bless you all....

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Wa alaikum assalam. Yes, it's important to remember what happened to the family of the Prophet in the first month of the Islamic calendar, Muharram: 

  • The 2nd of Muharram was the fateful day when the Prophet Muhammad's grandson Imam Hussain and his companions and family members reached Karbala, Iraq. They were forced to go on this journey by the ruling army, and had to camp on a hot and dry piece of land in the desert. This is where they were eventually surrounded, starved, tortured and killed by the forces. 
  • The 7th of Muharram onwards, the whole family of Hussain was deprived of food and water, including women and children who on the 9th Muharram were heard by the armed forces crying 'al atash'/'oh the thirst'! 
  • The next day, 10th Muharram (day of Ashura), the handful of men by Hussain's side were brutally killed one by one, by the forces numbering tens of thousands. This was followed by the women and children of the family being tied up and taken captives, treated with violence and paraded among strangers without regard to hijab. Hussain's daughter Sukaina in particular cried for many days missing her father, occasionally losing consciousness, and died at the age of 4 from the harsh prison conditions. 

If you want to know more, there's a lot more details to these incidents, available from various sources. I believe in most large cities (it's true at least in London communities) there are lectures and events organized by both Sunni and Shia Muslims to mark this tragedy. Some lectures are also broadcast live online, for example on http://ahlulbayt.tv/live/ 
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