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In the Name of God بسم الله
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Abul Hussain Hassani

Sudan Closing/closed Iranian Shia Cultural Centers

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- Sudan has closed all Iranian cultural centres in the country and expelled the cultural attache and other diplomats, a government source has said, without giving an explanation for the move.


- Khartoum closes cultural centres and gives Iran's diplomats 72 hours to get out.






Iran has Shia cultural centers all over the Sunni Majority countries but the Iranian Sunnis are not allowed operate in major Shia cities in Iran let alone the foreigners, they are not even allowed to have a proper Mosque in Tehran.


The thing that caught my attention was the reaction of Iranian Sunnis, I am quoting from their facebook page:




"Kalameh TV" (Sunni Persian channel operating outside Iran of course since Sunnis are not even allowed to run a magazine in Iran, let alone a radio station or a TV channel, despite representing the LARGEST religious minority in Iran) reports that Sudan is closing EVERY SINGLE Iranian culture centre (secret service branches of Iran that cause nothing but havoc in Muslim countries, aiming to convert as much as innocent and ignorant Sunnis, just like Evangelists) - their clerics (yes, Khartoum was filled with Iranian and Lebanese clerics operating freely spreading their shirk and kufr!) and all other officials must leave the country within 72 hours, Alhamdulillah.

Sons Of Sunnah message to all justice loving people (Muslim/Sunni/Shia non Muslim, everyone):

As Sunni Iranian we have no rights whatsoever in almost every majority Shia city to have a Mosque (only in our provinces), not even a bookshop (let alone a centre). We remind you that Tehran, the capital and fortress of neo-Safavid Republic of Iran and it's hypocrite mass murdering leader Ali Khamenei (who are allied with bathist Sunni killers in Syria, yet still insist on fooling the gullible Sunni masses with empty slogans such as "Shia-Sunni unity") is the only capital in the world where Sunnis are not allowed to worship in their own Mosques according to their own rites, we have covered this issue in detail (including the lie that there are seven Sunni mosques in Tehran): 


Now the audacity of the secterian Shia Rafidi regime of Iran is unbelievable. Whereas Sunni Iranians themselves have no right whatsoever to propagate Sunni Islam in Shia areas (what is the regime scared of ...?), let alone foreigners, yet the Iranian regime insists on propagating Twelverism (Rafidi Shiism) in environments that are purely Sunni (i.e. like almost every Islamic corner in the world, Shiism has no modern day presence, except where his stooges operate). Why shall any Islamic community and country except that? Forget about the so called evil "Wahhabis", but what about Al-Azhar and other Sunni institutes, are they allowed to represent Sunnis to Iranian Shias in majority Shia cities (many of them have no clue about Sunnism except what the hateful Shia clergy has taught them)? No they are not of course, neither Al-Azhar nor any Sunni institute is allowed to operate in Shia areas of Iran, under no circumstances (the only thing the regime does is to invite Sunnis from all over the world - gullible ones - to various occasions in order to portray themselves as unity loving Sunni friends i.e. they misuse Sunnis who are ignorant about the crimes of the neo-Safavid regime and it's heretical reality for their own agenda) whatsover, so why shall Islamic countries allow a biased and hateful Rafidi regime to operate in their countries? Under what basis? Is this the justice the Shias always brag about (the irony ...)?

As Sunni Iranians we say: Well done Sudan (and well done Malaysia) and every other Islamic country who is waking up and being aware of the danger of the Rafidi regime (and no, the danger is not the "truth" that is with Shia Iran, no normal person is scared of their false and polytheistic religion, what is dangerous is that they use their Safawi-petro-Rials convert poor people and heretics in the midst of the Sunnis, and of course the havoc the Iranian Shia regime causes from San'aa to Dimashq, all the way to Malaysia where they had the audacity to build a HAWZA i.e. massive Shia learning centre in one of the biggest Sunni capitals of the world, yet Sunni Iranians who are the LARGEST religious minority in Iran (numbering millions), native Iranians, are not allowed to have a single bookshop in Tehran let alone a religious centre!




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The very fact that the so called iranian sunnis doctrine is to call Shia as kufar and mushrikeen is reason enough to not allow sunni's to have their own mosques and bookshops. That facebook page no doubt belongs to ahlul bayt (as) hater nasibis. It is more likely that it is these haters who would not allow Al-Azhar or other sunni institutes to operate should they take charge.


An important point to note here is that Shias never refer to sunnis as kuffar or mushrikeen.


A very dubious hate-mongering post

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This is a good news, I am for it.... Iran keeps feeding all these begger Sunni-backstabbers like Hamas, Palestine, Somalia, Sudan, Ikhwan and etc while it receives nothing in return, no benefits, nothing especial. About spreading Shiism, who cares, let them be Sunni and die as Sunni. It is much better to work within Christian communities and spread Islam..


Abul Hussain, your fb stuffs are nothing but lies and propaganda... example is you; see how you are free and posting nonsense on a Shiachat, while a Shia can never post a single thing against any political/religious discussion on a Salafi forum.. when Salafis and Takfiris cry about rights and freedom and etc... it is really funny! The same people who oppressed 100s of other clans, sects, tribes, countries, other religions for centuries, since the time of your big leaders till today, now in a reverese the oppressors are acting as oppressed.






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Just a couple of points, firstly, we always hear about how active Iran is in proselytising in Sunni countries, which may be true, but as someone living in the West, I have never once seen any Shi'a out on the street handing out leaflets, trying to convert people. The closest that I have seen to that is when people try to raise awareness around 'Ashura - even that, i have only seen maybe two or three Youtube videos. It isn't a traditionally Shi'i thing to do.


Secondly, every revert that I have met from North Africa has come to Tashayyu' through watching people like Allah Yari, Yasir al-Habbib, and I was speaking to someone recently who said that al-Muhajir was one of the big factors in bringing them to Tashayyu'! - so people are coming to Tashayyu' anyways, and it would probably be better for all if they followed someone a bit more mainstream rather than deviated extremists. 

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Expulsions believed to be linked to government fears that Iranian officials were promoting Shia Islam in majority-Sunni country
  • Khalid Abdel Aziz in Khartoum
  • theguardian.com,  Tuesday 2 September 2014 13.44 BST
Sudan president Omar al-Bashir. The country is subject to economic sanctions, partly linked to its conflict in Darfur. Photograph: Simon Maina/AFP/Getty Images

Sudan has closed all Iranian cultural centres in the country and expelled the cultural attache and other diplomats, a government source has said, without giving an explanation for the move.

Sudanese media speculated that the expulsions were linked to government concerns that Iranian officials were promoting Shia Islam in the largely Sunni country, but there was no confirmation from authorities.

Sudan, isolated by UN and western sanctions partly linked to its conflict in Darfur, has sought allies and donors across the sectarian divides in the Middle East and further afield. That has often left it balancing competing interests and loyalties in the complex web of regional rivalries.

The country's president, Omar al-Bashir, seized power in 1989 in a bloodless coup backed by Sunni Islamists.

Sudan rejected an Iranian offer to set up air defences on its Red Sea coast after a 2012 air strike that Khartoum blamed on Israel – fearing it would upset Tehran's regional rival, the Sunni superpower Saudi Arabia, Sudan's foreign minister said in May.

But Sudan, where many people follow the traditional Sufi branch of Islam, has also received delegations from senior Iranian politicians.

Saudi Arabia, a key US ally in the region, has been competing with Iranfor influence in the Middle East. The rivalry has in effect divided the region into two camps, with countries either allied to Saudi Arabia or to Iran.

"The Sudanese government ordered the closure of Iranian cultural centres in Sudan, and asked the cultural attache and the diplomats working in office at the Iranian cultural attache to leave Sudan within 72 hours," the government source told Reuters.

Sudanese Envoy Summoned Twice over Closure of Iran's Cultural Center in Khartoum
Iran cultural activities in Khartoum legal: Afkham
Iran Denies Charges against Cultural Center in Sudan
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I literally laughed when I read this:


..the Sunni superpower Saudi Arabia...


Haha. Since when wahabi subserviants became a Sunni superpower?

I am disgusted how the western media tries to portray things as if it is a sunni-shia conflict all the time.


As for the news, every government or movement be them sunni/shia Muslims or not, will end up being more enslaved if they don't consult and cooperate with the Islamic Revolution. And those who do the opposite of what Iran suggests, will fail more. We saw that in many countries. And recently in Egypt. Had the hypocrite Morsi acted by the advice of Iran and ended the relations with the USA, Sisi who was appointed by the USA suggestion wouldn't be able to make the coup. But Morsi acted against and tried to become an "alternative" to the Islamic Revolution, by using sectarianism and racism. And now sadly the MB and the Egyptian nation are now paying the price of trusting the devil America.


Anyway, I hope the nation of Sudan stops the wrong policies of the govt. Otherwise, God forbid, they may fall into deadly errors and suddering the consequences. It really is sad that some sectarian and racist people don't understand the fact that Iran's acts and suggestions are for the good of the oppressed nations.

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