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Amerli Offensive From Above (Map)

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Shia militias led the attack and were the first to enter the town, the kurds also made gains and encircled ISIS in Yankaja, while other forces made of Shia groups, iraqi army and peshmerga encircled ISIS in Sulaiman bek. The attack was swift, nobody knows whether there is a stage 2 to push further, the goal was to relieve Armeli and that was mission accomplished. 




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why would they push forward like that and surround themselves with ISIL? 


They are not surrounding themselves.


What we can see on the map are really the only villages and towns in the area, ISIS has no where to go after that. If they lose and they can retreat without US bombing them, then they may retreat all the way to tikrit.


ISIS numbers 1,000-1,500 fighters in the whole area on the map, while there is a force of 10,000-20,000 Shia, Army, Peshmerga on the offensive supported by US airstrikes.


Sulaiman Bek has been liberated this morning. So this map has changed already.

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