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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Wilate Faqih Under Attack-Short Clip

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Let's be honest with ourselves here: it's Shi'ism that's being threatened by the cult of velayat-e faqih. VF has no place in Islamic/Shia ethos. It's nothing more than a pathetically argued improvised response, a hodgepodge of leftist populism really, to a 20th century despot. Only it's been dressed up in some pretty Islamic lingo. The problem with doing that is when you take an ideology anchored to a particular time and space and then make religion subservient to it, you end up destroying religion.




In the last topic of Wila'yat Al-Faqih, you provided a some critics of the history of how it came to be. Perhaps its best for you to rather than read critics by westerners, read what our scholars have said concerning the illegitimacy of the issue. Scholars for example, Al-Mufid, Al-Tusi, And other earlier scholars have talked about Wila'at Al-Faqeeh, supporting their conclusion with narrations from Ahlulbayt (a.s), you can go back to the previous topic, where I posted a book on the issue (if you like to read). So where is the difference? The difference is in the to what extent should The Wilaya Al-Faqeeh be applied? Scholars have differed on this issue, however the idea is one, and is agree upon. Second of All, there is no threat of Wil'ayat A;-Faqeeh, if you go to Iran, or ask any scholar, its not obligatory for you to accept, nor to take a belief in such. However When we talk about Islam, as a religion of peace and Harmony that is the ideal principles that lay the foundation for a better human being and his society, it does exclude from political issues. If it is the bases and rules for life, then it is to be applied in all situations and cases, even if such are global in terms of politics. So tell us, what threat are you speaking of? Iran, during the oppression of the Sha'h empire was oppressed to the level were women could not even have the right to wear Hij'ab, nor pray in a Mosq, nor events such as Muharaam were to be practiced. Scholars In Qom were oppressed extremely, take for example, when The Sha'h sent his army while they were "Drunk" and killed hundreds of scholars in side the very Hawza, they even threw them off heights. If you are against the rise of the Wil'at Al-Faqeeh, the you are against the success that Imam Al-Khomenei has brought, and his revolution that has turned the world upside down. Westerners only criticize the revolution to the "Islamic" ideologies that they have trouble understanding with their hatred towards Muslims in general. So your fallacy in your argument only shows how misleading you have thought of "Islam" as a whole in terms the way of life. Basically you are against the establishment of a legitimate peaceful Islamic state, due to the evolving of the Europe and western countries in ideologies and advanced living. This is only arguing from ignorance.



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