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In the Name of God بسم الله

Life-Changing Ahadith About Knowledge - Part I

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(637) For the realization of three things I (earnestly) swear: charity causes no reduction in one’s wealth, patience against injustice causes God, the Great and Powerful, to enhance one’s dignity and begging makes God to open to the beggar the doors of poverty. And keep in mind what I tell you. There are four groups of people in the world. First, those gifted with knowledge and wealth, who fear their Lord in dispensing them, who give a hand to their kinds and who know that God has a share in their possessions. This group has the highest status. The second group is those gifted with knowledge but not

wealth, who are truthful of intention in saying, `if we possessed wealth, we would practice what the wealthy do’. This group will gain the results of their own intentions and are equal in reward with the first one. The third group are those gifted with wealth but not knowledge, who make use of their wealth ignorantly, fear not their Lord in dispensing their wealth, give no hand to their kinsmen and observe no share for God in their possessions. This group has the lowest status. The fourth group is those on whom God has bestowed neither wealth nor knowledge, who keep on saying, `If we possessed wealth, we would practice much the same as the wealthy’. This group too will pick the fruits of their own intentions and are equal in vice with their leaders.



(641) Forgetfulness ruins knowledge, and the knowledge transmitted to incompetent people will be ruined(too).




(2) A believer does not resort to jealousy or flattery, save in seeking knowledge.



(78) A hypocrite is devoid of two traits: reputation and deep knowledge of religion.



(90) A little bit of action accompanied by knowledge is useful, and a lot of deeds followed by ignorance is of no use.



(125) A scholar who avails himself of his own knowledge is superior to a thousand simple worshipers (of God).



(126) A scholar who does not act upon his knowledge is like unto a niche providing people with light but burning itself.



(128) A seeker of knowledge among the ignorant is like unto a living creature among the dead.



(158) Neither is stammering a defect of tongue; stammering comes from deficient knowledge of Truth (God).



 (162) Acquire knowledge and through it, peace (of mind) and soberness gain, and to your teacher humble remain.



(167) Advise each other in the acquisition of knowledge and do not spare your knowledge from one another, for treachery in this respect is worse than treachery to wealth.



(177) All holders of knowledge hunger for new knowledge.



(179) All kinds of knowledge will entail evil results in the Day of Judgment, save that which is put to practice.



 (205) An hour of seeking knowledge is better than praying one whole night, and a day of seeking knowledge is better than fasting three months.



(218) Angels spread out their wings for the seekers of knowledge, for they are pleased with what they seek.




 (233) Ask God (to give you) useful knowledge, and take refuge with Him from useless knowledge.



(611) Fetter knowledge through writing.



(566) Everything has its own path, and the path to Paradise is (acquiring) knowledge.



(347) Blessed is the one whose faults stop him attending to people's, who dispenses from his lawfully-earned wealth, who makes friend with men of deep knowledge and wisdom, and who keeps aloof from men of sins and vices.



(264) Be an early bird in seeking knowledge, for early-rising brings you blessing and prosperity.




Not quite the 'Ilm noo bus karay ho yaar, aik alf terey darkaar' type of religion', :-)















 Ref: Nahjul Fasaha


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