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In the Name of God بسم الله

Lebanese Mp:saudi Arabia's Grand Mufti Is A Retard

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His message goes out to all the idiots who come on here and call shias and other groups infidels. Valueless imbeciles, who speak to please their stomachs instead of rights, justice and truth.


Do we not see man's inhumanity to man every where in ruthless warfare, in murder and rape, in the ruthless exploitation of the weaker by the stronger, and in the fact that the sighs of the tortured and suffering creature have so often fallen on deaf ears and hardened hearts?


when nations contemplate the use of the most destructive forces for the extinction of their "enemies- and do not even seem to be deterred by the possibility that they themselves may be extinguished in the holocaust.


there is a special type of personality, not rare, yet not the rule,which loves destruction and death. Men who belong to this type find their most intense satisfaction when they can kill or torture;all of their energies are directed to the aim of destruction.


Pleasure in destruction is a"Secondary potentiality," a perversion which occurs necessarily when the primary, life-favoring potentialities fail to develop. There are those in whom destructiveness has become the dominant passion.

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Thanks D3v1L for the quote. Great words by Erich Fromm. 



"Pleasure in destruction is a"Secondary potentiality," a perversion which occurs necessarily when the primary, life-favoring potentialities fail to develop. There are those in whom destructiveness has become the dominant passion."


I think this quote explains very eloquently what led to the formation of the ISIS phenomenon (as a social rather than individual issue). I've always believed that this type of extremist, violent, ruthless, and destructive mentality is the result of a group exploiting all of its apparent alternatives (in order to achieve some goal), to no avail. There is a major problem in the Sunni world's ability to elect (or produce) a religious leadership that is independent, strong, charismatic, and is able to unite the diverse schools of thought that compose the Islamic world. The Shiite world is almost equally diverse, but there exists a sort of consensus on how this diversity is handled. 

Some blame this reality on the Wahhabi leadership in KSA; others hatefully blame Iran, but the reality is that if Shia were to play an aiding role in promoting such a leadership (even if this leadership had the courage and independence to oppose Shiites on religious and political matters), it would be identified as an Iranian puppet (or more yet, a traitor). Alternatively, standing idly on the sidelines and watching the Wahhabi ideology manipulate and hinder this process is even worse. They've successfully alienated the Azhar as well as most Sunni religious authorities in Syria and elsewhere, especially those who question of the "Iranian enemy" concept. Because of this, the Wahhabi movement (and I strongly believe this) has created a relatively widespread Sunni worldview that is comprised of 3 main problems:


1- Despair: Read what ISIS supporters have to write and post about how they view this 'Islamic State'. It's as if they believe that there are no horizons for improving the state of the Islamic world in the presence of the American and Iranian superpowers (and their subsequent allies everywhere). They cannot figure out how to position themselves with respect to this ongoing 'battle of the giants'. They fear that they don't possess the necessary components to intellectually build a sustainable state of being (or will be prevented from doing so). The sense of desperation is a necessary motivator to initiate action. 


2- Distrust: They show distrust in their own scholars, as well as in their allies, neighbors, and everyone that isn't one of them. It's a type of ideological schizophrenia that prevents them from ever making a 'friend' with an outsider. Instead, they lash out and alienate everyone else in the world, in an attempt to convince themselves that they would be content without ever having an ally, as long as everyone around them feared them. (Of course the accusation against Hezbollah that they went Syria to "oppress Ahlul-Sunna" is intended to reinforce this problem).


3- Disconnection: and I mean disconnection from reality. They display the belief that with brute force, they can establish a sustainable presence, and be forgiven for the crimes they commit. There's a disconnection from reality in their belief that Iran and the West conspires to suppress and oppress them. Another delusion is that they actually believe that they are 'God's men". Although this delusion is characteristic of most religious fanatics, it is necessary to not allow proponents not to stop and question whether what they're doing will even solve their problems. (نفذ ثم اعترض)

Combine these 3 inflicted psychological problems (Depression, Schizophrenia, and being Delusional) and you have the makings of a society that displays Pleasure in destruction. Everything else that follows is a direct consequence of these illnesses. 

What we're seeing in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon (with regards to the ISIS phenomenon) is as much a military problem as it is a social/psychological problem. So we have to tread carefully when confronting it, as any miscalculated moves can reinforce these problems. 

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