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In the Name of God بسم الله

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SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – The year 260 AH was the start of the occultation of Imam Mahdi (AJ) and a new chapter of relation between Imam (as) and Shia Muslims. At the time of minor occultation 4 special deputies were designated to facilitate contacts between Shia Muslims of the world and Imam Mahdi (AJ). The third of these deputies known as Hossain ibn Rouh Nobakhti was chosen by Imam (as) himself.

About the year 305 AH in the month of Jamadul Oula and after the passing away of the second deputy, Mohammad bin Othman, Hossain ibn Rouh Nobakhti started his deputyship which lasted for 21 years and after passing away he was buried in Baghdad. On Sunday 6th of Shawwal of the year 305 Imam Mahdi (AJ) wrote a letter to Hossain ibn Rouh and a part of it is outlined below.

“We know him, may God make him known and help him with divine blessings. I received his letter and I am aware of his trustworthiness and am sure of his steadfastness in his belief. Verily he has such a lofty position with us and knowing that will make him very happy. May Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì add to his blessings, truly the Almighty is the only owner of all the blessings and is dominant over all affairs, truly the Almighty is worthy of all worship and thanksgiving, the one who has no partner, greetings and Salawat to the Prophet (pbuh) and his family [1].”

[1] Beharul Anwaar, Vol.51, Page 356.


Mohammad bin Ali bin Hosein bin Babvieh Qomi, renowned as "Sheikh Sadough" was born in 917 in a pious, scientist family from Qom. (Some had also reported 918 or 919 for his birth year.)

His father Ali bin Babvieh first married his cousin, but she was unable of getting pregnant. Thus in a letter he asked Hosein bin Rouh, Imam Mahdi's representative, to contact Imam and plead for a pray so may God bless him pious, righteous children. After a time he received a letter from Imam: "You won't have any child from your wife, but it's soon that you'll bye a bondmaid from Daylam. Marry her and she will deliver two pious sons for you."


My name is Jafar bin Mohamad. I am known as bin Qulowiah. I was born in Qom in the minor occultation. I grew up and learnt Islamic sciences until I became a famous Islamic scientist. I learnt the narration science and listened to its scientists, therefore I became a famous narrator. I wrote many books which the most famous one is (Kamel al-Ziarat) about the wellness of visiting the prophet (p.b) and Ahlulbayt (p.b). When I was young, exactly in the age of the third deputy al-Hosain bin Rouh al-Nobakty, a dangerous trouble happened that in the year 317 A.H, the Qaramedah attacked Mecca in the pilgrimage season and killed the pilgrims. And they cut out the black stone from its place and brought it to their position in al-Ehsa.


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As mentioned earlier, Mohammed Kulaini was from a small hamlet, Kulain, about 40 kilometers from Rai, the present day Tehran, where he lived for sometime to further his education. Now he moved to Baghdad. It was the period of the Third Deputy of the Imam e Zamana (a.s), Hussain ibne Rooh, who spent all his life in Taqayya (dissimulation). This was the reason why the common Muslims too deemed him their mentor. There is a very interesting anecdote about the Taqayya of Ibne Rooh, which we shall talk about when we discuss the life and times of Sheik Sadooq. The edicts of Ibne Rooh were very highly rated in the court of the caliph of the day.


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