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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
Abu Hadi

Reverts to Islam [OFFICIAL THREAD]

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Bismillah Ta'la

Information on the conference

Conference Info

I will be presenting at the Revert's Workshop. The topic of the workshop will be regarding opportunities and challenges faced by the Revert Community in the 'West' and particularly in North America

I am attempting to build a network of Reverts Across North America, Australia and the UK, the Migration313 Project, which is expanding and which I will talk about in the workshop. I think the conference would be a very good opportunity for us to come together to meet each other in person and discuss the opportunities and challenges we face. There is alot of overlap here, and most of the issues faced by reverts are also issues faced by the muslim community in general. This is not a 'Revert's Only' workshop and all brothers and sisters are invited to attend and will be welcomed, but the focus of the discussions will be on issues that are somewhat unique to the revert community. 


Migration313, the group which I am leading at the moment, is not part of Muslim Congress. We are an independent group with independent agenda and leadership. At the same time, I want to clear up some misconceptions some brothers and sisters may have regarding Muslim Congress, the organization.

Muslim Congress has been very kind and generous to give us a platform in order to address the issues of the Revert Community while at the same time giving us our independence. Muslim Congress is an organization run by ulema and momin brothers and sisters who freely dedicate their time to expand and advance the interests of the muslim communities, with a focus on North America. 

There are some in the community who have tried to spread rumors that Muslim Congress is sponsored by the Islamic Republic of Iran, or that anyone who is not muqallid (follower) of Sayyid Ali Khameni(ha) is abused and harrased or forced to make taqlid to him. 

I can tell you that this is complete nonsense. Muslim Congress receives no support, whether financial or otherwise from the Islamic Republic. 100% of the financial support for the organization comes from brothers and sisters who are part of the organization activities and almost every one of those live in the US / Canada. In addition, many of the top leadership in Muslim Congress are neither Iranian, nor are they muqallid of Sayyid Ali Khameni(ha). The vast majority of the members of Muslim Congress are not Iranian, and include brothers and sisters from almost every background including African, African American, Indo-Pak, Arab, East Asian, Caucasian, and even some Native Americans. 

I can tell you that there are a few things that set muslim congress apart from other Islamic Organizations in North America. 

First is that the organization is diverse (mentioned above) and that it promotes Islamic Teaching and Teaching of Ahl Al Bayt(a.s).

Second, is that there is a broad consensus amoung the members of the organization that Islamic Leadership belongs to the knowledgeable and just ulema, and that we should take our lead from them as far as how we should act and where we should focus our activities. 

Third is that there is a strong commitment to improving the lives and conditions of muslim communities in North America with a focus on education and outreach. There is a new focus now on outreach to the revert communities, and I am part of that effort. 

I hope I will see many of you in Dearborn in August. 


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salamon alaykom

i read your story and your reply to the comments .first of all i should say congrats that Allah guided you.as i understood you said we shouldnt divide islam to sunni and shia and we should have a unity .it is true but dont forget islam is a perfect religion. it has plan for our pray our fast our food but pray of shia and sunni is different and there are some other different in details too and just one of them is correct .and also in their belifs there are some basical difference . we must choose just one way . if you are just muslim how do you say pray? as shia or as sunni? their hadith book is different .so i recomend you try to research more to find the truth .if shia say imam Ali and his 11 sons are leader after prophet it has a lot of meaning . you cant pass it easily and just say i am muslim. you should try to find why we just follow prophet and imam Ali and sons .because we belive Allah asked us to do it ghadir khom day and he said to prophet in quran if you dont say Ali is leader after me islam will not be perfect...

May Allah bless you

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On 1/12/2017 at 3:02 PM, shiaman14 said:

Brought tears to my eyes. SubhanAllah.

Imam Muhammed al Baqir a.s has said: "When Allah عزوجل writes for a person to enter in this affair, he will do so faster than the flight of a bird to its nest. (al-Kafi, Volume 1, hadith 423)"



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